So far so good


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Apr 25, 2003
Fleurette has now had a month of out during the day following our tentative re-introduction to grass. She hasn't gained weight, and she remains perfectly sound, bombing around at huge speed, bucking and kicking. she is plastered from head to foot, her mane is 18 inches long and she is happy!

In the spring she will go onto a track and hope for the best. Took a risk trying her back on grass as we haven't re=tested her for EMS but gone by her weight, and we did it hour by hour in a small paddock, so one hour, then 2 then 3 etc building it up.

She still comes in at night, so we can restrict her intake a bit then.

Hoping this is the beginning of her having more freedom and fun as being yarded November to October is a long time, though she was an ideal patient. Totally surprised me that she coped with it. Thought she would be utterly manic but she and Leo just poodled around together and were very chilled.