Soft claws


Equine Karaoke Queen
Apr 15, 2012
I never said you did and it wasn't an "outburst" o_O I think you have taken what I've said the wrong way. I was merely explaining my reasoning behind wanting to use a product that some people seem to be against and pointing out that she is well cared for and I've tried all I can to stop her from scratching and so this is my next option.


Equine Karaoke Queen
Apr 15, 2012
But the claw sheath is designed to slough off all the time, this is going to stop that natural process.

My cat used to rip the sofa up so we got him scratching posts he's happy now and never touches the sofa, occasionally in a mad half hour he'll kill the carpet,

I'd rather nip the tips of the claws off regularly, then the cat cannot rip things

They shed off with the sheath, they aren't permanent. I've got scratching posts and mats... they just aren't as good as the corner of my couch according to my cat. If I get a new couch I might consider making a fake corner for the couch out of scratching mats but she likes to take a maddie on the arm of the couch too, the whole couch would need to be kitted out in armour. This is the cheaper option and to me it makes sense to give it a go.
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