some pics i took of jasp the week before he died

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Jasper 1993-2008 'Legend'
Aww bugger, I'm crying again:eek:

Gorgeous pictures of him Aims, shame about the one of my fat mare:rolleyes:

She isnt fat, she is adorable and i love every hair on her bod almost in the same way i loved jasp, i feel so sorry for i know she is finding it hard they had spent a fair bit of time together since D'bird arrived :) they were 'Hackage buddies' till the end :)


Has anyone seen my mind?
Mar 18, 2002
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She sure does miss him every bit as much as I do- they may have had their 'moments' whilst out together, but they really were pair-bonded and she loved him really, even if he did aim a hoof at her from time to time! Oh and I know she loves you as much as you love her, she's just not great at showing affection....... funny how horses and their owners become alike, isnt' it?!:D