Sox update!


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Feb 3, 2007
East Yorkshire
Thought I would update you all, since the vet (A) came to see sox a few weeks ago.

At first vet said to work him with the bute ,then i updated her soon after who said to let the bute get in his system. So i did. Physio came the week after who said he was lost muscle and is quite sore along his back. Therefore to work him 4-6 days per week in walk first on surfaces he is happy with ( in the school as there are hills all around and they are his triggers). So we have spent the last week in walk.

Today was the first day we trotted. :D
He seems to be doing ok. Currently on another 2 weeks worth of bute so the herbal stuff can get in his system. He is also on a joint supplement. More expense!!!
But he is doing okay and certainly feels less stiff in his hocks.
We still do our 15 min warm up in walk on a loose free rein before i ask him to work into a contact. The actual 'work' has been 10 mins normally.
He certainly seems better for been worked often. Physio is back at the end of the month. Hopefully we can get him stronger so in a while we can start doing hill work but i arent expecting that for some time tbh. Though so far so good.
We still have the devils claw,bute and IN injections to try.
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Oct 13, 2004
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Glad to hear things are going okay. Keep at it! Like you say, that's good you can still turn to the Devil relief or bute.