Spring is here and life is good :-)


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Jan 7, 2013
Well im currently sitting at my field and the sun is blazing and its just gorgeous. After a couple of wet weeks spring feels like it's finally come the last few days.

This year I am actually riding my own horse Comet who i got early Feb and Rhan went back to her breeder. He is a sweetheart and we have been starting our riding journey together over the last couple of weeks after restarting him. He is going so nicely and with a smile on his face.

Having a good scratch and stretch after working the other night :)


Him and Torin meeting for the 1st time. They are firm friends and enjoy playing alot which is lovely for Torin :)


Torin just checking if I may have anything to eat, you just never know :) he has been enjoying long reining and abit of lunging and is happy as larry as always.


A lovely bottom from last year :)

Harry has been back and forward to the vets lately for various things but has been diagnosed with Cushings. We are still tweaking meds dosage but he is doing brilliant. He is like a puppy again since starting the Vetoryl and has a new lease of life and has lost some weight and is just generally an absolute star and I'm so happy to see him back to his old self <3


Out for a walk yesterday and this is his waiting on the ball been thrown stance :)


Still loves his sleep mind!


Mungo and Tigger yesterday contemplating life or world domination, you just never know!

Tigger had his 1st wool cut of the year yesterday and was less than impressed with me but all has been forgiven now and he was waiting on me coming back from the farrier yesterday at the gate :)


Having a sleep after yesterday's trauma of having wool removed :)

All in all its been a good start to the year despite some changes and health issues with Harry but the outcomes have all been very positive and so far im loving 2019!

How is everyone and all your 4 legged friends and family?


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Jan 7, 2013
I've literally just replied to your thread saying you deserve a break! Your guys are lucky to have you and I really hope things start settling down for you and you can enjoy the rest of your year with less worry!
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May 2, 2007
...la la land
Whilst it's been lovely sunshine here today. It's been decidedly chilly.
It's been a bit of highs and lows for me with all my clan. A few weeks ago I lost several cows to TB. A week later I'm dealing with new lambs.


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May 18, 2009
What a lovely thread, makes me feel happy reading it, your new boy looks a real sweetheart :)
We're taking thing a bit easy now, although Belle is only 22 she's starting to feel it some days, so we've cut ridden work to every other day and are going for in hand walks on the other days.
Spring has certainly sprung here, everything is bursting into life now, although it's sunny it's still been -2 on a morning.