steriods-i'm shocked


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Nov 26, 2008
has everyone but me known that steriods are injected into horses? i have just read an article at ( good interesting site- sends newsletters) about a law suit involving a horse bought by tom selleck, where it mentions the practice of injecting horses with steriods. is this common practice? is this just in the usa? it sounds terrible to me! really dangerous and im-moral. thoughts, anyone?


I've had a pony treated with sterodial injections to prevent sweetitch, and currently am treating one of my TBs with steroid cream to promote rapid healing of a wound.
Lots of the drugs that vets prescribe are sterodial, I think the article you might be reading (though I don't know it) might highlight doping a horse to enhance performance or nobble it in competition?


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Jul 24, 2009
Haven't ever heard of this. What is the aim of injecting them with steroids? Is it enhanced performance, like a weight lifter or athlete would? Is it illegal or can you just buy it over there?:confused:


Apr 29, 2002
I haven't read the article but as SFS said there are many different sorts of steroids they are not all for body building...lots are good medically for horses and humans (in humans steroids can be used in severe cases of allergy and as cancer shrinking drugs)

From a brief scan of the site it may be that the horse developed laminitus which is a possible side effect which has to be considered when using the drug for medicinal purposes


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Jul 18, 2005
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It can be a pain reliever/ant inflammatory eg. think they can be injected into coffin joints etc.

Used widely in people for this purpose, but I wouldnt touch as they actually damage tendons long term, but relieve symptoms short term. They an be useful though for example exercises required to correct movement paatern to remove pain and recurring injury, but injury is too pain to do exercises so steroids remove pain providing a window of opportunity to correct with exerises. They can last up to three months. Used predominantly in shoulders, any weight bearing limbs should not be injected due to the weakining it causes. (In people).

Therefor it could be used to get a horse to pass vetting, and not come up lame as they would be symptom free so they could race better.


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Nov 26, 2008
in this case it was for a show horse, not medicinal. im having visions of mucsle bound bodybuilders type grotesque horses on this one


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Nov 26, 2008
will have to read it again later! read it at 5:30 this morning after a sleepless night, but admit the only thought in my head was show horse= to build muscles. am i having a (soon to be) senior moment??? i know vets prescibe steriods for vetinary purposes, but honestly thought it was bodybuilding---egg on face moment here.
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