Strangest thing your pet eats???

Sep 14, 2007
Just watching in shock as my kitten tucks into the remains of my bowl of Alpen :eek:, and think really that she does like some odd things:

ANYTHING dairy, cheese, milk, cream, yoghurt - but she's not allowed much of them because of the lactose levels - she isn't happy about it but it's hard to explain that it's for her own good :p!

Gravy (fair enough!)

ONION gravy :confused:

Uncooked fresh pasta (she stole some once ad she's never been allowed it again :D!)

The froth on the top of a mug of hot chocolate

Vegetable stock in water

Marmite in all forms - she particularly likes marmite mixed with hot water to make a marmite-y broth, and then poured over her dried food :p.


Salad cream and mayo!

She also likes potatoes but only a little bit and only if they've been mashed up first.

Ready Brek :p

Baked bean juice (especially if it has been mixed with curry powder :confused:)

She's only allowed a LITTLE of any of the above things - we don't stuff her with inappropriate foods day and night ;)! Just seems like she takes a fancy to the most random things :confused: (mostly after she's stolen them from me :rolleyes:!) Any of your pets eat some really odd things?
Feb 21, 2006
Mine likes marmite too!

Old hamster used to eat wotsits, and Ralphycat lovesssss smarties! My hamsters have grapes, but they skin them first, and my puppy has a date that she carries EVERYWHERE with her. :p

Apparently hamsters also love boxes that smell like tea, not tried that yet though.
Jun 28, 2006
Lovely Leicester
The kitten up the yard (has a poorly leg atm, the RI trod on it!:() licked the lid of my cooked pasta pot thing which was just steam? and ate some of the cooked past with spicy cheese and tomato sauce.

My cats have had tomato soup, marmite crisps or well frankly any flavour crisp (and pringles:p), ice lollies and practically everything I'm eating in front of them they want to try. They've been alive so long I can't remember all the insane things they've tried :p
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Sep 14, 2007
Ah yes, my kitten's partial to the odd Skip :p! Mum was getting worried about the jagged edges on crisps, so my sister offered her a Skip - it lasted about three seconds :D!
Feb 21, 2006

Something else to add to the list, having just extracted something from my puppies mouth...that she was galloping about madly with having a lovely time....

all very well, but maybe it might be nice if she didn't play in her own excretement :rolleyes::eek:
Nov 21, 2007
with the sheep =D
my kittens will eat anything..and i mean anything..they love pot noodle..crisps..chips...waffles..smileys..biscuits..bread..picked onion crisps :confused: ermm..they love chicken and any other meat..they like celotape :confused: :confused: (only happened once..i hide it now!) and my dogs are the same x]]

Kady A

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Sep 10, 2003
South Yorks, UK
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Aren't puppies great! Bear my NI dog likes horse poo, and bits of hoof when the farrier has been - which he raids from the muck heap. He is also partial to mice, birds - anything fluffy or feathered - which is very naughty. He and my other dog Solo LOVE grapes and were very naughty tonight and stole a bag of maltesers which they really enjoyed. Basically these two little beggars will eat absolutely anything - chillis, garlic, curry, Gucci sunglasses ... a Samsung Soul phone, a Sony Ericson, tv remote controls. Bear also ate the driver's seatbelt in my 3 day old car earlier this year - after commandoing through the dog grille and into the front seat. Managed to get in as he was about to eat my tax disc.

They also went potty for Costco mince pies this year ... not sure why. I left a tray of them on the dining table when I took my son to school the week before Christmas. They ate the lot - including the cardboard tray they came on - well they buried that. Two guilty looking dogs with icing sugar all over their faces.

You gotta love em :rolleyes:


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Sep 8, 2006
My aunt's dog was eating carrot and brussel sprouts peelings on Christmas Day!

My old cat used to like sardines in tomato sauce- in fact she would eat anything I'd give to her.

My little cat has always been the fussiest eater, so we have every (and I do mean every) brand of cat food in the cupboard and switch them every few days as she gets bored :rolleyes:

To try and keep the weight on her, she can eat anything she bloody well wants :D she's treated better than the queen! This morning, she decided she wanted my tea- so she had it, she has the leftover milk from cereal, she WILL NOT drink tap water in her bowl, but will drink it from my glass :rolleyes: or the scuzzy water from the pond/any surface in the garden.

She is OBSESSED with cheese and will do anything for a piece, also skanky processed ham, which I have to hide, i.e. I put it in my fist and she has to "un-do" my hand to get it....ummmmmmm, she licks the butter off toast :rolleyes: and when she's hungry, she climbs up next to me and sits on the arm of the sofa, paws my hand, then paws my face then when I stroke her grabs my finger with her paws and chews (not bites just gnaws) on my finger until I get up and feed her :D

She is, however, mortally offended by coke (not cocaine, coca cola ;)) I assume it's the bubbles but she sticks her head in the glass, then recoils violently then turns around and hisses at me then sulks on the floor with her back to me until I go and sit down and play with her!!

Arrogant git :D


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Jul 6, 2008
My Cat lives for readybrek and museli, abolutley loves them! And cheese!
My cocker is just a walking bin!

We had a springer into practice a couple of weeks ago for the removal of a......thong he had eaten:D


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Dec 18, 2007
Bournemouth, Dorset
My dog will eat any 'food' if he thinks it was intended for humans - put it in his bowl and he's not interested.

He thinks bread crust are just the best thing ever as they were a regular sneaky treat from the kids as they sat having breakfast! No curly hair for my kids then!

However he does have a thing for soapy water! You have to be a bit careful when mopping the floor or he'd drink out the bucket and we had to teach him not to lick the bath water off the kids legs when they got out covered in bubbles! We also had to stop putting blue blocks or bleach etc in the loo as he'd drink that too! Crazy dog!
Mine are fed a normal diet (raw/cooked meat, bones, mixer and complete a couple of times a week) but as a treat Gracie (Pug) LOVES a Big Mac, Chips, and strawberry milkshake :D

My elderly labrador Chloe was in the middle of my brothers 18th birthday party last year and the kids fed her curry and vodka apparently!! My mum went NUTS but thankfully Chloe was fine. She had a major hangover the next day though lol


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Aug 18, 2008
My cats eat pretty much the whole list. When Ella was wee she would do anything to get a baked bean - I mean anything, she's not above dirty tricks.

Tonight they were going mad coz we were having chicken noodles with loads of sweet chilli sauce. Does anyone else do the "you won't like it..." they always do when I say that!

They seem to have a particular love for my little bonsai just now... I think Sam is trimming it but the poor thing has no leaves left so I had to remove it from them!

STRANGEST - Ella last christmas eating loads of TINSEL!!!!! Expected very stange things in the litter tray, sparkling at me! This year all tinsel is out of her reach - I hope!
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Mar 5, 2004
Ohio, USA
Just a quick note (sorry:eek: ) but someone on here said that their dogs LOVE grapes...please do not give them grapes, they are toxic to dogs (as are onions). I just learned this recently, I never knew about the grapes. My dogs love them, too :eek:

I just went looking online to see if I could find anything about this for you are some things I found....,-N...alth----Foods-that-Fido-should-Avoid&id=20315

My cats won't eat anything except home made turkey or fish...they're quite picky. (well, they do eat their cat food...I meant people-food wise ;) )

Our dogs LOVE potatoes, and vegetables of pretty much any kind. :D
Oct 19, 2008
Surrey/South London borders
Tigger threw up the other day and without going into too much detail, it didn't look like his normal sick.

Last night mum went to check the guineas before bed and we found out why.

He was on their hutch eating the Carrotys I bought them for Christmas, they are like little carrot flavour biscuits with fibre in them.

Stupid guinea cat!
Jun 18, 2008
mark, somerset
my cat loves to smell the minty small after you've brushed your teeth - it's like the 'ahh Bisto' advert (have to be quite old to remember that one!). he also loves wotsits and skips and finishes off the kids yoghurts all the time.
puppies at the mo (staffi and bulldog) HELP me muck out the stable - by eating horse poo - it's disgusting. i try to stop them but they always get some, and they stink the house out! phooo. oh, and they keep bringing in slugs, playing with them and then eating them. drop any of our food on the floor and the bulldogs on it like a shot - didn't realise they could move so fast!:eek::D


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Aug 29, 2005
My dog goes mad for peanuts, grapes, pork scratchings, minichedders, CRISPS! He can't have any more peanuts or grapes or scratchings because of his colitis though, poor bugger. :( He loves being gross, like sniffing and tasting where the cats have peed in the litter :eek:EWWWW. And he likes sniffing down the toilet, he comes out the bathroom with teeth chattering, yakk! (thats men for you that is, always forgetting to put the seat and lid down:mad:)