Summer show!!!


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Feb 3, 2007
East Yorkshire
I will dive straight in! Sox was very well behaved in the in hand vet. Then it was mine turn. God, he was full of it! Even before we went in.
We was just walking up to the ring. The showjumpers in the ring on my right were cantering around coming towards us, sox spooked and did a Sharp exit left ( where he just spoke 180 degrees) i looked behind to see us bum to bum with a small pony with a red ribbon in its tail!!!

I got nervous and became very tense. It felt like he was going to explode at any minute!!!! The group is about 10 of us. Were the last of this little 4 when the horse in front spooks and slams on. Sox slammed on and did a Sharp exit right, with a lift of a leg for good measure! Our own show was a horrible mess and we came second to last. When i get nervous i perch on him but hold him back...

So me and RI found our own little warm up area, still spooking at the horse Box, some very nasty stage exits left and right. One because some wise person, decided to walk their horse in a headcollar and leadrope then start trotting straight towards us!! So it was stage exit right!! Two other riders decided to just walk in our little warm up... two went cantering passed and someone else deciding to canter around the outside of us!! Oh! And a few young kids where picking up the grass near were we were, trotting around!!

Finally we were starting to get the tickle out of him and we went into the ROR class, I felt more confident, sitting up, not perching. We were much improved and we got 2nd, judge said he has the most amazing paces. We went into the championship. He was very well behaved some lovely transitions, working into a contact. We didnt get placed but i was very pleased with him. RI/YO was pleased as i was riding sox how i can ride when i put my mind to it and not be so nervous.
Jodie rode him home and i has 12 ciggs.
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Nov 11, 2018
Well done for pulling it back to do so well, after such chaos! I'm not sure I could have pulled myself together after all that!
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Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Wow, what a rotten start, poor you. You were really brave to keep going and what a great result to get 2nd and go into the championship. He is a very showy boy though!
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