**Sweet Itch, Hints and Tips**


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Jul 11, 2016
Avon skin so soft is in a greenish bottle, I also use on vets advice diosect diluted and sprayed onto fly rugs, if needing to stop the itch scratch cycle piriton or cheaper equivelant works fab too. I also used isaderm to stop the cycle but piriton gives great results. You can get it from the chemist and it's the same as the vet sells but a lot cheaper, don't tell them it's for a horse though as they are unlicensed to it for animal use :)

Thank you for your reply. I am still confused about Avon skin so soft. Is it one of these? http://beauty2makeup.weebly.com/beauty2makeup-blog/avon-bug-guard-vs-skin-so-soft-bath-oil-whats-the-difference


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Mar 8, 2015
The one I've used is the type in the light green bottle it's dry oil, however I'd be interested to see how the bug guard one worked. Maybes they have changed the ingredients and so have added the bug one to the range, tbh I'm as confused as you. A Avon rep may be able to find out or they have a website, maybes it's worth contacting them. x

Colette Dillon

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Sep 13, 2017
My mare is refusing to wear a rug this year and demolished a brand new snuggy hood in 4 days :eek: So im trying something different.

I am using 'flypor' which is used to treat lice (insectidal thingy) along with a daily THICK layer of some magic cream (vaseline based) i whipped up in my cauldren and ample stinky homemade fly spray twice a day and normal (and for some reason much happier to wear) fly rug as a preventative.

Benzyl benzoate to stop the itching, heel to hoof for sore bits (highly recommend that! soothes sores and softens and improves hard skin, can be used for many things!) and megatek to regrow the hair!

Suprisingly enough where she has a full mane she doesn't itch :confused:
Your magic cream does it have sulfur in it?? I've got some magic cream and want more but can't find. I'm using for sweetitch. Thanks x