"the foots going down"...

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Feb 6, 2008
"the foots going down"...said my poor hubby when he came home early from work to find me with one of my dirty stinking turnout rugs lying accross the dining room table (on a layer of newspaper I must add) while I tried to fix the rips with my sewing machine (can I add this didn't work and I had to take it back in the garden and do it by hand). This reminded me of all the horsey things he's has to put up with over the years, eg:
-when I spent the money I'd saved for a deposit for our first house on a lorry
-when we first met and he asked what we were doing for Valentines day, my reply "don't know what you're up to, I'm going showjumping..."
-comforting my hysterical state on the phone while I waited for the vet because Sparkie had "broken his shoulder" (turned out to be an abcess in his front foot)
-same as above when Sparkie "broke his back leg" (turned out to be in abcess in back foot)
-clearing out his bank accounts to buy a horse at auction (he had put his cards in my sweaty palm and given me his pin numbers 'just in case' though - would you have come home with an empty lorry????)

At what point have your hubbies / parents / partners 'put the foot down'????


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Jan 6, 2006
I certainly wouldn't bring turnout rugs into the house! I wash my sweetitch rugs when he's out then dry them outside but he still claims the house smells of horse :rolleyes:. I can't complain though - he pays for them & doesn't moan (much) that looking after horses seems to take priority over looking after him.

If he sees this - I love you really!


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Sep 4, 2008
waking up really early in the morning to check on the horse,(jack) and coming back absolutly stinking,
when i fall off and he thinks im going to die,
the house is always dirty
when i do better than him in a lesson
i never have money

but he always bails me out and he did by me two more

he is whipped in the good sense
he realised a long time ago i am happier around horses than he has ever seen me

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Nov 25, 2007
I played a blinder and bought him his own horse! I got him Arnie for his birthday as a surprise. Now the whole world knows Arnie is MY boy but G is blissfully unaware of this and thinks I'm doing all this for HIS boy:)


ps worth mentioning he cant ride and even if he could Arnie is too wee for him:)


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Sep 19, 2005
Boyfriend just doesn't have much to do with horses (yet!) other than getting annoyed with me at a county show because all I wanted to do was sit and watch the horse rings!

He is sweet though, it was our 4 year anni the other day and he said he was wandering round the shops with no idea what to get to me, and the only thing that came to mind was "I could get her a pony!" only finances prevent that happening! Could bode well for the future though :D

My mum started to put her foot down when I kept bringing hay into the hallway and round the house, for a while I had to strip off in the porch! She also didn't appreciate my muddy boots on the doorstep, and muddy overtrousers draped over the tumbledryer - where else was I supposed to put them?!


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May 25, 2008
My OH only really moans about the washing machine. He does most of the laundry and finds it a tad annoying if he does a load only to find it covered in mud and/or hair, cause moi has had something horsey in there.


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Sep 4, 2008
My OH only really moans about the washing machine. He does most of the laundry and finds it a tad annoying if he does a load only to find it covered in mud and/or hair, cause moi has had something horsey in there.
how on earth did you manage to get your OH to do the washing, mine doesnt have a clue what the difference is between the dryer and the washer, he just stood there scratching his head, so now i have post its on them,


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Sep 12, 2003
North Yorkshire
My OH is wonderful :D
This week my lad has been on boxrest and my lovely boyfriend has been getting up with me at 6:30 to go and muck out before work. He comes with me to buy feed, etc, to do the lifting and carrying. He bought me my lovely leather saddle because I was broke (although I did pay him back for it) and he has overcome his nervousness of horses to become more than capable of looking after Salsa on his own if I'm not very well. It's me who doesn't like washing horse stuff in our machine, but my OH washed my numnah and brushing boots for me a few weeks ago and hung them up to dry. He's never complained about the hay and mud in the house and whenever I worry about spending too much on Sal, he tells me "it's your money - do what makes you happy."
He does occasionally make comments about "YOUR nag" and jokes about sending him to the glue factory :eek: and rolls his eyes from time to time when I ask if he wouldn't mind helping out, but he knows how much my horse means to me and that I would be heartbroken to loose him, so he always goes out of his way to support me, emotionally, physically and financially, and I sincerely hope that he feels that I support his hobbies as well.
I can't imagine him ever putting his foot down - he's quite okay with the idea of me having a youngster next year (although he refuses to muck out two and says if I'm not well, I have to pay someone to help him out, which is fair enough), and is well-practised at driving a van so is willing to help me buy a horsebox and learn to drive it around for me.

He's probably the best boyfriend in the world... and no, I'm not sharing! :p


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Even with a husband who actually likes the smell of horses, I don't bring dirty turnout rugs into the house! A repair kit of fabric patches, adhesive, duct tape, upholstery needles and thread takes care of most things on the spot.

I can highly recommend a greenhouse as a place to dry out and repair dirty rugs - the keen gardener can usually be mollified by the promise of lots of well-rotted horse manure, and the reluctant gardener couldn't care less.


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May 20, 2006
I currently have a rather large turnout rug under the bed (clean I might add!!) which my OH does moan about but only from the point of view that he doesn't understand why I just don't take it up the yard where it belongs (obviously doesn't realise even after 15 years how unorganised I am to do things as sensible as that;):p)

He doesn't mind me washing stuff at home,as long as I clean the machine afterwards so his clothes don't come out covered in horse hair.

He is a bit of a neat freak,and I am not neat or tidy at all so this causes some issues if I have stuff laying around all over the place,but this applies to all stuff not just horsey stuff.

Overall though he's fantastic,has as much to do with the horses as I do even though he really isn't as interested as me,poo picks our humoungous field so I don't have to,and doesn't *usually* moan about the money I spend (there is the odd time he has questioned whether or not I really 'need' another rug lol).

As for putting his foot down,hmmm,think he would know better than to try;):D


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Dec 23, 2007
all these are great ! :D

my boyfriend is pretty much the same as the rest on here, he wouldn't even try to put his footdown. Even when he meets me on the way home form the yard and after hugging me is probably as smelly as i am :p.

He also gets dragged around the yard and introduced to all the horses for the 100th time, and he hasn't complained yet!

I think it's fair though, I have to put up with him playing guitar allll the time and him always talking about his 'band' haha.



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May 26, 2006
I have to admit I waited until OH was away on work before bringing home the turnout that had the chest strap ripped off, sticking it in the washing machine and then drying over a radiator, before sewing the strap back on :D

He is not at all horsey. He likes visiting them very occasionally, hence why in two years of owning my pride and joy, I have the sum total of three photos of me riding him (two taken by Lucyad ;)).

He does put up with me spending a lot of money on Jackson and is pretty tolerant of the state of the house since we don't have a stable, so everything either lives in my car (which is a state) or the hallway.

And yes, he was very comforting when I was freaking out saying Jackson had laminitis and was going to die (it was two abscesses :rolleyes:) and helped me find a temporary stable and fill it with sawdust. And he found a classic way of distracting a horse whose foot is being carved up by a vet without the use of sedation (find the horse's squeaky toy and stand at his head allowing horse to take all frustration out on said squeaky toy rather than the vet (who was totally freaked out by the loud squeaking)).


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May 7, 2008
Herts / Essex border, UK
My long-time hubby allowed me to get a share, once I reassured him it would work out cheaper than the riding school. He tolerated me buying horsey clothes, but I keep all the gubbins in my car. In the 2 months that I have had Jack, he hasn't once agreed to come and see him, and the yard is on his way home from work :mad: Oh well, at least he doesn't interfere...


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Aug 1, 2008
See I dont have that problem!!:D

Mum and Dad are horsey so horsey things in the house arnt a bother and since I paid for half of the massive washing machine we bought for clothes (and my horse rugs ;)) they dont complain.

They draw the line at mucky boots in the house but thats for dad and bro who are joiners/have their own business as well.

Nikki xxxx


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Sep 30, 2004
Swindon England
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Mine doesn't put his foot down exactly,but he does get a bit fed up with the whole thing which I don't blame him for really.

I think he would put his foot down if he had to directly spend his own money for the horses or anything associated with them, but that is more of a general observation about his careful (an unkind person might say tight) spending habits on the whole. This is why I have horses, and he has money. :D


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Oct 5, 2008
Collier Row, Essex
I'm loving this thread, highly amusing but I also empathise with those whose OH's aren't interested!! Glad it's not just me then!

My problem is I met my husband during my break from horses then got back into them a few years back!

Now, when I'm on the computer it's always "Not more horses again".
Also when stuff arrives for my horsey bottom drawer, he inevitably, and annoyingly, always answers the door to the postman. "Here you are, more horse crap you don't need"
"YET" is my answer!!

I think it is more difficult for him as when he met me, he knew I was into horses but I wasn't around them at the time!!

He did put his foot down when I was part sharing as I used his car (bigger than mine) To transport 4 bags of woodchips!! One of the bales split and because I had the window open it all blew everywhere!! Then, on the same day, I used to car to transport horse manure home for the garden! He wasn't best pleased!! Can't blame him. I did clear it up though!!!


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Dec 8, 2004
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Good lord you all have such understanding oh's!!! I have to keep everything a secret! He just about allowed me to buy my horse but isn't so happy about me spending any time with him! Bah..dont get me started!!
You are all very lucky people!:D


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Oct 5, 2003
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LOL, my OH is a star, he's used to the fact that the horses interfere with everything, twice a day I dispppear for hours. Even his parents know that visits have to be slotted in between going to the yard.
Sunday morning he got up to help me turn out, only to discover when we got there that I had other plans for him, namely to give Hairy boy a full clip. His beautiful Barbour jumper (bought by his mum) was covered in white hair as he ruefully remarked, 'I didn't expect to be doing this at 6.30am on Sunday morning'.
He has been known to poo pick in a gale with an ear infection and swollen face...3 barrowfuls.
As far as the horses are concerned, he's wonderful. I just need to train him with everything else-where he does put his foot down, regularly.But, does this face look like its buvvered ?:p


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Dec 5, 2006
My dear husband is always reminded when he complains about my mucky wellies, filthy clothes and lack of money that I was like this when he met me so he can put up with it because i'm not gonna change!
He's really supportive really although he did take exception to the way I used to smell when I came home from my old yard, it did honk!! And i must look like a real mess when I come home from the yard in the early hours in all my layers, mucky jogging bottoms, wonky glasses and hair like wurzel gummage:D Bless