the gang;) *pics*


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well i hope you dont mind me showing you some pics of my horses(and ponies):D. im warning you now there are loads, so soory about that...

i have no idea what she was looking at.....


yay! dinner time !!!!

ahhhh!! cant stop!!

i can run faster that you!


wanting her well deserved scratch

trotting! (the flys bug them, no pun intended)

sophie trotting

more to come...


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wat you doing?


tilly decided to stop without warning....hence why mums face is on top of bum

she can feel the wind in her mane ....

still trotting....

having a nibble

mummy and daughter ...

tee hee... smiling...

luff her forlock and ears....

big belly!!


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thankyou for your reply:)
we have 6. the 2 foals, tilly and tammy. the 2 mums, sophie and del. and my cob Ginny and then my mums tb vision. vision is now retired at 20 due to a fractured shoulder(entirely her fault!)

we are hoping to brake sophie and del in to drive as a pair when they are old enough:D


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Mar 14, 2006
wow you have a good few lol! the little foals are so cute and fuzzy hehe. Poor vision though, hope her shoulder isn't causing her too much bother.


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and her shoulder is ok(ish) she will never be 100% so thats why she's retired. she still limps a bit, but thats because of muscle wastage. we cant give her bute though because she thinks " yay!! im all better, lets charge around the field at full speed!" :eek::rolleyes: she still has mad bucking fits though to get rid of all that energy, but on a whole she's happy:)
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