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Oct 8, 2009
Yesterday the vet coming out to Maya's swollen shut eye (conjunctivitis) and prescribing her bute and eye cream. Today I managed to get a good look at a back foot that she keeps stamping and itching and saw some of the lovely tell tale scabs of mud fever.

So I managed to clean it and sudocrem it. I know your supposed to pull the scabs off but it was right edge of her heel bulb and she was trying to shake me off. I've never really dealt with mud fever before so will be looking back at some of the NR archives.

Also the eye cream application went better than expected. I hadn't started feeding her proper food yet (just for vit's and mins) so she had a nice feed of speedibeet and hifi lite to take with the bute and this seemed to help. Think I poked her in the eye a couple of times though :hot:

Bloody horses! On a plus note we are doing well confidence wise. Fth really helped us, I'm feeling a bit like my old self more and more. It's amazing how much other people have an effect on you negatively (you should be doing this and that, she should be hacking and blah blah blah) when inside i was screaming we arn't ready! So I have promised myself I will not ride until I just can't stop myself! :bounce:
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