Thinks are still not getting any better for OH, Kids and the fella, hate this year


With out my boys life would be bland
Apr 16, 2009
Well since we got the dogs back after there Christmas break at the kennels Monty has been coughing so we took him to the vet in Jan and they gave him some drugs (£68) and said it sounded like kennel cough (I disagreed at the time as we have 3 dogs they all get the kennel cough nasel spray from the vets and the other 2 are unaffected) He sounds horrid still I kept saying it sounded like bronctis (sp) to me. Well took him back yestersday (£168) for 2 xrays and more drugs really pi%^ed off as this is what I wanted them to check in Jan and I told them this, Now he has to go back for more tests in a weeks time and drugs. So angry as they think all the coughing has strained his heart as it was now enlarged......:cry:

Tanis my Bull mastiff is mentally better but has now hurt her paw and can't get in and out the car and cries when she moves.

Chanter's arthritcs is still bad and waiting to see if the new drugs work.

Dropped my trailer off to be serviced and got a bill back for £260 and told I need a new tail gate ASAP and to start looking at the side panels:cry:

On my way to pick the trailer up some prick took out my side mirror and didn't even stop.

Had a fall out with my BM (and at our age is was not petty)

I must of stubbed my toe and cracked my elbow about 20 times in two days and then...

Took the fella out just round the yards fields and I thought I was going to die. He was wild it came from know where, we where walking along the bottom part of the field and turned the corner and he just lost it. leaping, kicking out, rearing and lashing with his front legs, side ways and more vertical the forward. For the first time I actually looked for an empty field that I could get him in to and get off for my own safety. I stayed on and calmed him down finally got back to the yard we where only got for about 20 minutes it was horrid.

Today I decided that we would go around the housing estate (we have not been round it for about 9 months and never on our own) he was an angel, stopped and stared on the way out and a little more forward on the way back but amazing until we out about 1/2 from the yard and the traffic picked up, school buses, lorries and motorbikes he leaped about a bit but to be honest I thought his was amazing.

Sorry wine for anyone that could be bothered to read my sh*t
Oh OBC - tisnt s***t - tis a well deserved rant after a run of very bad luck. :twins:

Cant offer anything but sympathy...but at least he was a very good neddy today? You must be due a run of better luck surely? Fingers and everything crossed that things start to pick up for you.:smile:
Improvement vibes on their way to you. What on earth had gotten in to him? I totally know what you must have felt. I was in a situation once with Storm (when we were still on a yard) and she was so badly behaved on one small hack that I seriously looked about for a secure field / area where I could get off and just let her go! (I know it probably sounds dramatic but she scared me that much and OH couldn't help as he was riding Joe at the time and he was also a a bit of a handful). Oh I do hope things get better for you soon - wonder if it is the "spring" transition kicking in?
Jees, that sounds really scary. On top of everything else it must feel like just a bridge too far.

Sorry that the year has started so badly for you. I do hope things start looking up.
Ah you are having a run of bad luck, it will pass though... Promise:wink:

I am too having the bad luck run, so you are not alone, but we hAve to live in hope so I am sure we will both be back to good luck or just no bad crap happening soon. Have a nice drinky tonight:wink:
Sorry to hear about dog's and neddy's continued health problems,and everything crossed that it all starts to resolve itself soon.

Is the fall out with your BM able to be sorted out?? Sometimes things just get heated and people say things they wish they hadn't,hopefully it will get forgotten about and can get back to being friends again soon.

As for Chanter,well he obviously had a mad day,but has gotten over it now,fingers crossed it stay's that way!!

Nothing positive to say about the trailer I'm afraid,pain in the butt,but I guess will either have to fix it or think about putting the money towards a different one in better condition??

Huggles and holding a good thought for you:smile: