This morning's ride - from my (diva) pony's point of view

Star the Fell

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Jun 14, 2015
Oh hello mum, you're here early it's only 6am. Glad you're here though as I'm ready for my breakfast, I'm fed up of haylage now.
What do you mean, it's haylage or nothing? I want my breakfast.
Ok, I'll eat a bit whilst you go get my breakfast.
No! That's not my breakfast - that's a saddle!
You really expect me to go out before eating?
I don't care that you've not eaten either, we're talking about me here!
I can't believe you're doing this to me. I'm starving! I may faint! And the wind is really high, it's ruining my hair.
You are such a cruel mum!
OMG, there are sheep in that field. And they are EATING the grass. I can't cope with this, I need to go home!
I'm feeling really weak now, I can't possibly trot, please stop asking me to.
Oh, we're on the way home now! Shall we go faster? Lets see how quickly we can get home!
Hello cows! Isn't is a gorgeous day?
Home at last. Now please may I have my breakfast? You don't need to take my saddle off first, I can eat with it on, honestly.

Ooh thanks mum, that is such a nice breakfast. You can go home and get yours now if you like, I am happy to wait inside with my haynet whilst you eat. Bye mum, see you in a bit. Love you x
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