tracing cheif

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Horse Mad!!!! :D
Jun 9, 2008
South Wales
Hi!! :)

I'm really sorri, but i don't know your Horse, but I know what it's like to be looking for a Horse and not really getting much luck. Please take a look @ my thread and maybe you could use some of the information others have given me to help find your Horse :)

I hope you do find your Horse, and i wish you lots of good luck in your search!! :)
(And if on the off chance i see or hear of anything, i shall let you know!! :))



New Member
Nov 15, 2008
greencroft,stanley durham
i tried the ned web site it came up with a horse called cheif but unknown, he belonged to a man who was married to the instructor Henri Plagg she is known in the north east, i had him for 3 weeks trial and fell for him but he failed his vetting, my mum made me get rid of him as she didnt want me to have him and it was her money, i wish i had of kept him and regret it all iam thinking somthing bad has happend, he went to a yard where i could go and ask but the people have moved away, the last i heard he was in a feild sum where in northumberland i miss him loads even remember the mans name ron mackie
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