Tracing Sisco - 16hh chestnut gelding


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Jan 14, 2009
Hi people. This is maybe a shot in the dark but im trying to trace a horse i sold in summer 2007, Sisco - 16hh chestnut gelding, he'l be in his early teens now, the people who bought him sold him on and the girl who bought from them had him advertised on here last year and i believe he was sold to Edinburgh. The first entry in his passport is a dundee address - which is mine. He has EPSM/shivers but i doubt if this was disclosed when he was being sold on this site, i dont know for sure if he was actually sold again, he wasnt in ridden work when i sold him and was never ridden by the people i sold him too, he is rideable and was hacking for a while when i owned him, he hates working in the school/arena and will throw his rider if he gets frightened or upset - or this was the case when i had him. He was a real gentle giant to handle, groom etc. Any info at all would be much appreciated as im really desperate to find him.

Thanks for reading.
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Apr 24, 2009
re Sisco


Was he ever in Ireland do you know? I used to ride at a stables in Dublin called Killegar in Enniskerry. There was a large gelding there called Sisco - though he was light bay though so probably not the same horse.