Trailer towing test?



I have a trailer but cannot legally tow it on my own which is beginning to get quite frustrating!

I know people on here have taken their tests and I'm hoping that you could tell me your experiances, what you had to do, did you do the training days, do you use your own vehicles, how much...etc etc! :D

Also, if anybody in Cheshire has taken their tests, where did you go?

Thanking you muchly! :)


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Oct 5, 2008
South Manchester
I did a 2 day course. Which included lessons and the test. I used my own car and they provided the trailer. I went out practicing quite a bit beforehand and went to a business park to practice reversing with the trailer in the evenings - I just put L plates on the car and trailer.

It's quite expensive to do though, I did it over 3 years ago and It was about £350:eek:

I had my lessons at a HGV training centre in Reddish near Stockport.

It was well worth it though as it gives you so much freedom to be able to go off to places on your own.

Good luck with your test:)

Kc Mac

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Aug 22, 2008
Hi i will add a link to my thread from when i passed a few weeks back. If you scroll down i did explain a little bit about whats involved etc.

As you have i trailer am i correct to assume you have practised with it?! If so i would recommend booking a days training with a local company and straight into the test. If not then a 2 or 3 day course would probably be best suited.

If you have practised lots and very confident it may be worth booking a test on your own and giving it a go! However its not advisable using a horse trailer for the test!!

Basically i did a days training (5 hours) then straight into the test. The hardest part was driving 'correctly' as i had 10yrs of bad habits to curb! The manouvers are actually very easy and give plenty of space but you can never have too much practise! For me a lot of it was actually my confidence (i lack it:eek:).

It was the best thing i done as now my horse and i have our independence and also take my friend and her horse out with us!

If you have any questions or want some literature on whats involved then Pm me :)
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