Tribute to Snowy ( don't think i forgot you girl!)


Mummy to Trooper & Rosie
Dec 14, 2005
I can't leave this beautiful lady out!!

Snowy...16hh dark bay trekhenner, put to sleep at the age of 22
what can i say? A little spoilt princess lol!!
Jackie, her owner.. was very particular about people who looked after her Snowy! She had her from when she left her mum! So understandable really!
Snowy's bed had to be straight, the banks were perfect, took me some time to master that i can tell u :rolleyes: but i like a challenge lol!

Snowy was headshy. It was from an accident when she was younger. She had smacked her head against a stable, so she hated anything on her face.

Snowy got the name because when she was born, it was snowing, and she had a little hat of snow!

Anyway, me and jackie got a good friendship, she saw how i was with pascal, nd decided to let me do bits and bobs with snowy slowely.

I can tell you the first time i put that headcollar near her head..she went beserk and scared me senseless lol :eek:
but it's lucky i understood lol and was warned how she would be hehe!
I remember 1 day i dedicated hours and hours to snowy, building up that trust, getting her used to me and to trust me and soon enough i had that headcollar on whenever needed! Snowy only let me, jackie and kevin do anything with her head though.

I was allowed to ride snowy! Well she was a right barrell belly as she spent a lot of time out of work due to being lame, She had many leg problems.

I came back from that hack walking like john wayne lol :rolleyes:

but she was a great horse to ride!

Snowy was a very pretty mare, and when groomed she was just stunning , her coat was beautiful.
She wasnt the best with her legs and tended to try and kick, but that was because they hurt her so much.

The last time i went to see the girls snowy was so cute!! until i brought pascal back in the field and snowy decided to bomb around and then flick her heels at me :eek:

but then when i walked off she came running after me! she wanted to come in for a groom bless her heart! She was a very special horse and thought with her tummy! oooh yes snowy sure liked her food!

i had lots of cuddles and kissed with snozaleeny and i loved her dearly.

i dont have many pictures of her, but i do have fab memories.

so i want to say R.I.P. beautiful cheeky snowy.

I love you very much, and you are now free to run. Now out of pain.

i forgot to say...Snowy seemed to have this cough.. that would just come on!
You went in the tack room, and she was watching like , then when you returned burdended with her saddle and bridle she would be like erm.... *cough splutter cough* and practically pretend to be collapsing on the floor in a bid to get out of working always made me giggle!




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Dec 10, 2005
Awww she's lovely, you must miss them both terribly. I think I would take a little comfort from knowing that they went together and also that they allowed you to form such a special bond with them. they were lucky to have you in their lives as you were, them.


Mummy to Trooper & Rosie
Dec 14, 2005
It's nice they went together, they got to go to the gate together, so pascal would have reassured snowy that it was ok...on their journey.
I do miss these special girls :( i just don't even know when i will feel like being around horses again, for now, i can't :(


Mummy to Trooper & Rosie
Dec 14, 2005
My little snozaleeny must love the grass there at the bridge! all that grass, and she can eat allshe wants and never feel pain!


I Love Horses
Jun 19, 2008
R.I.P. Snowy

Awww what a gorgeous horse poor snowy I bet she had one awesome life though and I love the pics. No one will forget her no matter what.


Mummy to Trooper & Rosie
Dec 14, 2005
yes she did and she will be in her element now all the grass and yummy things in the world at rainbow bridge ;) lil miss piggy :rolleyes:
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