Up goes the electric fence....


Minnie, Sam and Dolly
May 30, 2002
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Its summer here today and I have not seen the horses with their heads up all day!

I have sheep in with them and they still get haylage but I think its time to put the fence up to split the field before the spring grass comes through....

Anyone else in their spring routine yet?


Grumpy old nag
Aug 5, 2009
I wish I was! After a brief glimpse of spring I now have them back in medium weight rugs. It is wet, cold and windy here. Not a sign of growth, down to last 5 bales and neighbour lined up for bringing me a couple of big bales. He has cows and calves holed up in every conceivable building on his his large farm - but can't turn any of them out yet, tis far too cold and wet.

Roll on the next few months, hopefully England might just be my last resting place afterall!:redcarded:


Minnie, Sam and Dolly
May 30, 2002
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It was snowing and white over here on thursday and a little yesterday but very hot today... maybe it will spread over to you too soon... I will wish it on its way to you:happy:

Are you moving over here? *excited face*

Native Lover

Native Pony Fan
Jul 13, 2009
Lincolnshire,wheres the hills?
Mine have been on there spring paddocks coming up to 3 weeks now, the grass has started growing finally.. I am on my last bale of hay now to support them a little. I wont be ordering another bale now... there is more than enough grass coming through to keep my lot happy :)

Cortrasana are you moving over here :) ???? eeeks must be exciting for you


Jane&Sid these days!
Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
It's amazing the difference a spring day makes. The last 2 weeks when I headed over to the field at 0630 the horses have been lined up against the fence begging for hay. Today every one of them was a Flymo.

Can they smell the grass growing?


Owned by Ponies!
Nov 16, 2009
Grass growing here. Asbo is muzzled 24/7 but looking better for it. They are stripping it back like but it is coming through. Haven't bought hay in for a month


Well-Known Member
Dec 2, 2010
east sussex
Cracker is in the Punishment Paddock again, :redface: He wriggles through three strands of electric tape and just takes the pain to get to the next door field to eat the new grass. The PP has mains electric, he is livid.
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