Update on the New Yard!


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Feb 3, 2007
East Yorkshire
I thought it would be nice to update you all on how me and sox are doing at our new yard.
Sox seems to have settled in very well. Pleasing and shocking both me and the YM with how settled he is!
He is in a good routine. He is fed and goes out every morning in the field. Comes in for his lunch. I pop down in the afternoon and work him or groom him normally. YM does night nets and feed at 6ish and then comes back to do night stables at 10pm ( Haynets, top up feed skip out etc etc , and he gets his meds then. We have already had a little go in the school which he was very good with. Met a few of the other liveries there, including the YO guard dogs, terriers and yard cats :) He had his saddle re fitted Tuesday , farrier today and physio tomorrow. Always has adlib hay. He has put on weight and we went for another plod tonight which he was good at. YM likes to get to know the horses personalities. She has told me how in his field he likes the bit at the back and almost goes into a world of his own then when he puts his head up he can sometimes panic as the horses in the next field can go in the corner where he cant see them. Hence the meltdown! She said the first time he did it she was mucking out heard thundering hooves and shouting. Came over and she was pointing to the mares saying ' There' there sox' He was having none of it yhough and got himself all upset. :( She really likes him, also very interested in all his issues. She always leaves the radio o for him and he has been fine. Very pleased with him :D


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Feb 8, 2012
Great to hear he's settled so quickly, sounds like a lovely yard!