Warning....Wheel came off trailer while towing it home.

Native Lover

Native Pony Fan
Jul 13, 2009
Lincolnshire,wheres the hills?
HI everyone,

i went today to pick up my reconditioned trailer i have just bought of ebay, and the wheel came of while towing.....Luckily there where no horses in the box.So anyone buying a reconditioned trailer check the wheel nuts carefully.
I have phoned the guy and hes comming tommorrow to sort it or my money back but i am absolutely furious something like this could happen when you have checked the general condition of the box and it appears to suit your needs.And yes i do know its buyer beware but you expect it to be road worthy!!!

Kc Mac

Active Member
Aug 22, 2008
Oh no!:eek: Thats terrible and quite scarey i would imagine.

Shame on them for selling it without thoroughly checking it over first but at least they are willing to come and sort it out.

I do have to add though (having passed my trailer test recently) checking the nuts are part of the general safety check you should carry out before hitching up any trailer before use - especially a strange one.


New Member
Aug 6, 2007
It happens, I once had one come off because the wheel bearing collapsed.

I learned my lesson and learned to check and fix most things myself.

Anyone need their vehicle re-wiring, I'm best at that I did it so often :D
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