We moved today...*Pics*


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Jun 12, 2009
West Mids
I am absolutly shattered!! remind me not to move yards again hehe! :wink:

Woke up quite nervous, had no idea if he would load ok or not :frown:

Got up the yard and all the horses were being total gits...running around not letting us catch them.
Think they knew somthing was going on.
Finally got the little monkeys in, and put fins boots/cooler on.

Horse box arrived, although they did get lost and ended up at the yard up the road :giggle:

Fin loaded okay, it did take 10mins with a fair bit of bottom pushing and treats :giggle:

When we arrive at new yard he was slightly het up, bit sweaty and on his toes but other than that he was fine.

He went into his new stable like a treat, had a role and then munched on his haynet all morning.
In the afternoon we talk him for a walk around the yard. We took him by the paddocks so he could see his new friends, he got really stallionish then.
Prancing around, trying to be around 16hh LOL! :giggle:
Took him in the school for a blast around, which he enjoyed :smile:

Then back in the stables until the evening.

Evening comes, so does bed time for all the horses. He loved it when they all came in, he has already got a new girlfriend! theres a mare stabled next to him who kept whickering/neighing at him :angel:

He can go out tomorrow, cant wait to see what he does :tongue:

Im feeling like this is going to be a great place for us, a new fresh start :biggrin:

Sorry about the pic overload :yellowcarded:


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Jun 12, 2009
West Mids
Suited & booted...really to role!...

'Where we going mom!?'

'Mom please tell me were not going in that box!'

'you've got to be kidding!'...

Few treats and pushes later and were ready to rumble!...

'Where the hell are we going!?'

Out comes a slightly bedraggled finnley...


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Jun 12, 2009
West Mids
Our paddock :)...

The yard (Its spotless!)

Fin in his new stable..

Checking out his new mates...


Pretty lad...

Having a blast...

First chicken experience...

Love this one...

Flaunting it lol...

Okay mom im tired now!...

Doing some join up :)..

Flipo's Mum

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Aug 17, 2009
Perthshire, Scotland
I'm so jealous Vicki, you're so lucky having an indoor school!! Glad everything went well, love the first chicken experience photo, it kind of looks like he's hiding and peaking his ears over the door!!


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May 20, 2006
Yard loks great and suspect that school will be wonderful you both,I am suitably jealous!!

I never realised Fin had mottled skin around his muzzle?? Maybe in regards to the breed thing he has some appy in there?? I know he doesn't look much like one in other way's,but that is a typical appy trait that I am not sure is present very often in other breeds??

I am really praying that you don't mind me mentioning this,and I am only doing so in the manner of helping and knowing that you said yourself you didn't realise what some of the signs to look for were,but Fin looks to be carrying a fair bit of extra weight again in all the worrying places.Gutter bum,fat pads on shoulder and neck looks fairly substantial at the mo as well.

Please take that in the spirit it's intended,and don't get me wrong am not saying he's obese or anything even remotely like that (and of course is difficult to say for sure from pics so please feel free to ignore if is just the camera adding loads of pounds lol) but as he's already had a lammi scare and I know how difficult it is to monitor when you see them every day,just thought I would mention.
He still looks as lovely and cute as ever BTW:wink:

*runs away in case has upset Vicky*:unsure:


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Nov 16, 2009
Yay was waiting for your update mrs!! Glad everything went well and fin certainly looks super cool and chilled out in his new box!! Very posh!! Hope you have found your perfect yard!!

**Runs off to sulk about her lack of electric, stable, indoor school, outdoor school - or lack of any ground flat enough to do any schooling with!!**


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Jun 12, 2009
West Mids
Thank you everybody :biggrin:

PFB - Hes so laid back hes nearly horizontal LOL :giggle: and thanks (i love the colour red so thought why not tint my hair red??) haha :giggle:

FM - I still cant believe he have our very own indoor school...hasnt hit home yet!!
He seems to like the chickens, OH picked one up today they are wierdly very tame :giggle:

Jane - Thanks thats lovley of you to say so :biggrin:

Devonlass - His spotty lips are really strange arent they, i always thought they were just an appy thing....:giggle:
No offence taken at all :biggrin:
He has had the last week or two off, because of weather, lack of places to rides and trying to avoid people at old yard!
His weight is okay (approx 360kg) which is what the vet recommened :smile:
Have to agree with you though, he has a fair bit more to shift!!
He's always had a massive cresty neck, vet has said its not fat mind :biggrin:
He will be getting worked loads now, so should see more weight drop off him :angel:
Thanks for pointing it out, i appreciate the honesty

Danni - Bring those lil ponies here! how are the little buggers?? :giggle:


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Jun 12, 2009
West Mids
Little update from today - will update diary properly when i can be bothered :giggle:

Let him out this morning, he was fairly frisky and ready to be released lol!!

He had a little trot around with his tail in the air then went over to meet his new buddies over the fence.
He groomed with the mare who's stabled next to him for ages...making her squeel and get all marish....little tart he is!! :giggle:

Then the little shetty came into his field (he likes to roam from field to feild lol!) and they had a massive play. Finn was totally in love with him!
He never had a play mate at old yard so he absolutly adored having a friend to romp around with!

I got him in around 12ish and had our first ride, we went in the indoor school and did around 40mins. He was a bit on his toes but other than that was a star!
I couldnt believe how much he was sweating!! it was literally dripping off him, think ill have to clip him!! Had to turn him back out with a light weight rug on (it was rarther windy and very chilly!)

He then came in around 5ish for his tea and a groom. :biggrin:

He seems a very happy ponio so far! :angel:


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Nov 16, 2009
Danni - Bring those lil ponies here! how are the little buggers?? :giggle:

Little buggars are fine!! June was ridden again the other day for the first time since she was backed august time and went for a little hack out and a trot round the field! although i have refrained from posting pics as the person who rode her is 5"10 even though she weighs nothing lol!!

jazz has started following like a puppy and comes galloping over whinnying when i call him, hes also now in full neck jarmies!! looks cute!!!

how is fin setteling in after his first few days?? hope hes being good and making friends!!! xx
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