Well tomorrow is the moving yard day!...


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Jun 12, 2009
West Mids
As some of you may know i have been thinking about moving yards since id run out of grazing and fallen out with field mate.

Well i decided to go for it & move to a yard closer to home! :biggrin:

It was quite a hard decision but after 2 very long visits to new yard and ALOT of thinking i decided to go for it. I would only regret it if i didnt.

OH assures me that its a decent place with nice owners, he works at the yard 3 days a week doing the owners web design work as they own several equine outlets. So at least im not going into this blind! :wink:

From the outside it sounds fab, but you dont know until your there really do you?

They have built some new stables espcially for us, quite looking foward to seeing them as when i went to view the yard i was just shown the patch where they are going to build! :redcarded:
It has an outdoor menage (YAY!) ALWAYS wanted to be somwhere with a proper menage with decent surface!
Finnley will be out in a HUGE paddock with 8 other geldings, which he will love to bits. Hes such a playfull boy im sure he will be pleased!
Perry is going into his own little shetland herd! as YO's have shetties so have set up shettie proof fields (Thank god!)

They have to come in at night, but to be honest i love mucking out and i love being up the yard 2 times a day. So sad but i get really down only seeing them for couple hours at night time.

There is a fair few livieres i think 10-14? maybe more. So im slightly worried on that basis, but YO's have told me they are all good decent people.
I know some people on there through other horsey friends, who all rate this yard quite highly.

If i do ever want a lie in there are staff to bring in/turnout for £1.00 per pony, which isnt too bad! and one of the liveries actually live on the yard in a mobile home, she apparently mills around checking all the horses alot, so at least they will be safe!

And travel time is so much less....at the moment its 20-30mins travel and now it will be 5mins! :dance:

So yeah all looking good from the outside, just hoping everyone is friendly towards us. Im determined to make some good friends and just have some fun!

We have been packing all our stuff up this week and o my word i cant believe how much crap ive accumalted over time. Its shocking! :unsure:

New YO's are picking horses up at 11, fingers crossed both boys will load nicely!

Work have kindly lent me a van for the day tomorrow as there is no way all my crap will fit in my golf! :redcarded:

Eeeeeek half nervous but half very excited!

Good luck vibes PLEASE! :biggrin:


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Sep 14, 2009
Sounds fab and more people will be good - lots to go out with and learn and go to things with.

Can't wait for your update on arrival


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Jan 15, 2010
New yard sound fab, especially the we shetland herd! Pics are a must.

Have you told the woman that you are on yard with at the moment? Just wondering what her reaction was ?

Good luck with the move:biggrin:


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Dec 11, 2009
North East Linconshire
LOOOOOOOOOOAAAAADDDDSSSSSSSS of vibes coming your way, they will both load and you are going to have some real fun packed days ahead of you ... i`m 100% sure, it`s about time you had a better run of things.

Oh and a huge **woohoo* to shetland proof paddocks :dance:


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Jun 1, 2009
New yard sounds great, not sure i could hack the being in at night during the summer though :wub:

Good luck!


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Jun 12, 2009
West Mids
New yard sound fab, especially the we shetland herd! Pics are a must.

Have you told the woman that you are on yard with at the moment? Just wondering what her reaction was ?

Good luck with the move:biggrin:

Well i had to do by text because i havent seen her in nearly a month and wasnt fancying meeting her purposly just to tell her :redcarded:

She was strangley nice about it, maybe shes glad to have the place to herself now!

Although the jumps that she gave me last year she decided that she didnt want to give me them until i gave her £60 for her new melted trousers and £100 for the jumps! :timebomb:


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Aug 22, 2007
Oh wow!!!! Exciting stuff!!!!!!!!!! Your new yard sounds fab, 10-14 liveries isn't too bad at all, just enough people to have company but not overcrowded :)

Will be keeping fingers crossed for you and the lovely boys all day, let us know how it goes!

......and we need piccies
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