Well we've moved.


Cantering cabbage!
May 18, 2009
Am shattered! Not slept well for a week and moved all our stuff yesterday, then hacked Belle this morning and fetched the last few bits n bobs.

She hacked lovely but it is one of normal hacking routes anyway, but was quite surprised when we rode onto the yard and a little bit taken aback.
The YO had his digger moving muck about and she was a little bit apprehensive so took her round to her stable and let her have a bit of hay while I untacked, then put her out in her paddock, all the other horses on the yard cam cantering down as close as they could and Belle wouldn't leave my side for a few minutes, she then went to say hello to the horse in the next paddock, then grazed a bit, then came back to me, called a bit then settled down to graze.
Went off the get more stuff from the old yard and when I came back she gave me a big loud hello you, whinny and then carried on eating, by the time I left she seemed quite happy but I can't help feeling a little bit nervous as to how she will settle and have only now found out that the lady who does the bringing in gets them in between 2.00 and 3.00 which is a whole lot earlier than I would like, my own fault for not checking times when I went to ask my questions so will just have to try and get used to it.
Apparently even those who do not have bring in are never out after 5.00 :( I can't get there till 6.00 and don't want to leave her out on her own in a new place.
The only saving grace is the fjord who has the paddock next to Belle keeps similar hours to me but is on box rest at the moment.
Hey ho, will try and remember to get some photo's tomorrow.


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
Sounds like it went well! don't worry too much about her coming early, as you say better than being left out alone in a new place. Presume that will change mid summer? Will she go out all night or just for longer days? I think that's nice that you hacked there - much less stress than a long trailer journey.

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Oct 10, 2004
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Hope that you settle into the new yard quickly. I used to worry about Ben being out on his own, but it turns out that he couldn't care less. Hopefully Belle will get into her own routine with you and you can suit yourself. I really don't understand why people bring horses in so early!


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Aug 5, 2009
That does seem very early to bring them in really. But hopefully once the fjord is allowed turn out again things might get a little easier for you and Belle. I do hope you manage a better nights sleep tonight, there is nothing like lack of sleep to send the stress levels soaring, and I am sure she will settle in just grand.:smile:


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Jun 12, 2009
West Mids
Glad today went well :biggrin: the hardest bit is over and done with now, you can start to relax :angel:

It totally took it out of me moving my 4, I have never felt so knackered in all my life....mentally, physically and emotionally!

Shame about the bringing in early, although every yard ive been on it seems to be the 'done thing' to have them in between 2-3, very odd I think....

Although look on the bright side it will help with keeping her weight down, always good with the native fatties lol! :smile: do you think during the summer they might keep them out later?? Least she will be in waiting for you when you arrive, useful on nights where you want to ride :wink:


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Feb 16, 2013
We bring ours in early on my yard too but this is largely dictated by the fact that I have to get mine in before I do the school run at 3! So the YO generally brings his in at 2.30ish too. In summer they're out 24/7 though anyway. Once you get established, I am sure you'll be able to sort out 'friends' to leave them out longer with and so on.


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Jan 7, 2013
Hiw exciting for you both :) sounds like it all went smoothly but it is definetly a shattering experience and i hooe you get a better nights sleep soon :) most yards bring them in around that time and to me it is early,but im sure she will soon settle into the routine and hopfully when the other horse is allowed back out you 2 can pair up to leave them out later together :)


Cantering cabbage!
May 18, 2009
Well, got up there this morning to a welcoming whinny, she had a bit of an unsettled night looking at her usually very tidy bed but not major messy thankfully. I decided to stick to our normal routine and ride so that's what we did, I took her into the school in the pouring rain and after her initial looky joggyness got her moving and she started to settle (I'm surprised at myself for having the guts to be honest!) Anyway she was trotting better than I've known her in s school ever and worked quite nicely. Although I now know I really need to work on her right rein more and lots of suppling work.
After our little ride she calmed right down, had a couple of whinnys to the other horses when I turned her out then got down to business of eating.
So feeling a little bit better today.
With regard turnout there are no 'rules' as such it's just that everyone up there brings in early, although most bring in in the day in the summer and turnout at night quite a few apparently leave out 24/7 from the end of March.
I found out last night that there is a lady still on the yard that was there when I used to share a horse on the yard and who is friends with the lady who's horse I shared who remembered me and we have arranged that she'll bring Belle in when she brings her horse in and I will turn out for her in the mornings :biggrin: so not so bad after all.
Thank you all for your nice comments, makes things a little easier when I can come on here and talk through things with you all and get some sensible feedback.


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Sep 14, 2009
Am pleased she is beginning to settle. Honestly, when they move yards they are clingy, even the very unloving tobes looked for me all the time. You will get into a routine with someone else bringing in. Tobes is in by 4pm and i would far prefer it later, but you are up against people who don't work full time which is the norm on yards and you just have to go with the flow.
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