What a lovely gift


With out my boys life would be bland
Apr 16, 2009
1F841051-2848-4507-8829-656974E6B05F.jpeg 81698BDE-F35A-47EC-AF28-77D9F323FE95.jpeg B7476CB9-2D43-49EF-AFD4-B2ADF0DF62C4.jpeg A5FCB111-8653-4D80-A4EA-19AE972E00A6.jpeg 44C3C64C-050F-4AF7-AB89-CA4C13181DA7.jpeg 1A8BA99D-2945-4AD2-9A8C-10543EE8BE93.jpeg 1F841051-2848-4507-8829-656974E6B05F.jpeg 81698BDE-F35A-47EC-AF28-77D9F323FE95.jpeg B7476CB9-2D43-49EF-AFD4-B2ADF0DF62C4.jpeg I received a message Friday night from a friend asking if I had buttercups in my fields....yes I do any reason? Yes can I come up and take some pictures of your boys in their field.

Errr yes he is a great photographer. Oh and wear something floaty..... what you want me in them as well.

Well theses are just some of them he is still working on the ones of ginger and I.

He did theses as he knows I will be losing chanter at the end of this year and wanted to give me something special.

Did I cry yes I did
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Jan 6, 2006
Oh they are stunning! What a wonderful, thoughtful gift. I'm not surprised there were tears.

I still treasure the photos Frances did for me years ago, they bring tears & smiles but I wouldn't be without them x

KP nut

I'd rather be riding.
Dec 22, 2008
What a beautiful, wonderful collection of photos to have. So special. They are stunning.
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