What are different types of clips called?


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Aug 5, 2009
Good leather head collars are used for that reason - they break., a wrecked expensive leather head collar is far cheaper than a wrecked and broken horse who turned itself inside out in a nylon or rope head collar. Especially to turn out in if you really MUST turn out in a head collar of any sort. - they break., good news.


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Dec 20, 2004
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Not true that they are intended as a training aid. Tho people in the UK may get them for that purpose.
Rope head collars are standard in some areas of USA - largely in those States where leather was in short supply or cost too much.

The YO where my share was kept switched to rope halters and everyone followed suit. I used to lead my share out to grass in whatever head collar she had on and tho in theory the rope was said to give more control, I didnt notice much difference in my control. Or communication. Body language has a lot to do with it.
The horses were tied up in them too. To bailer twine of course.
Whereas yesterday on another yard I saw a heavy horse break and wreck a good leather head collar.
I'd rather have a leather head collar broken than my horses neck! which has happened to a friend of mine in the states. They are commonly used in the US, but you also see far more serious injuries from it there too. You predominantly saw them early on used by old timers and trainers as an aid, often made from old lariat because it was readily available and yes when leather was scarce and because it doesn't break. Those same old timers also tie horses by the reins on curb bits, doesn't mean it's without risk and not something most would cite as good practice when there are better, safer options available.


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Mar 15, 2008
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If a person doesn't notice the difference in feel between the headcollar and the rope halter, don't use the rope halter, because your horse most certainly will notice.

I have brought mine in with the halter when she was going through her rude and run off phase. A little correction on the halter was enough to get her attention and the next day we went back to the headcollar.

We broke a lot of headcollars and leadropes initially.
But I now tie up with the quick release trailer tie. One pull down and the horse is free.
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