Wintec pony saddle too big


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Feb 25, 2001
So after many many years,I have finally got round to training my Shetland pony to be ridden ? now I’m facing the ultimate task of finding a saddle to fit the little nugget . Anyone got any suggestions?shes a fine built pony which is making it difficult because most Pony saddles are too wide. The wintec for little people is too wide for her...


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Feb 25, 2001
I always say get a saddle fitter out.
He’s been last year he had a looked inebteeen fitting my other other horses , he looked at a selection I had ordered and we found nothing that would fit , one pony saddle worse than the next...
Which is why I posted because I thought may e someone has a few shetty saddle tips up their sleeves


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Dec 21, 2011
Shetland, UK
We used the Thorowgood safari cub for real hanger on beginners. And for actual riders, we used the Thorowgood Pony Club saddle, which was well worth the investment and suited both pony and rider really well. Pads are not my choice and offer no support. Might as well ride bareback.
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Feb 25, 2001
Thank you, will check out thorowgood . my daughter has only just started riding on her own and it’s questionable how long she will ride her pony as she has an Icelandic horse that’s currently on loan to a riding school until next summer.
We are limited with what they have on offer for little pony’s...
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Nov 11, 2018
Agree - thorowgood was the only one that suited my chubby short backed cob.
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