Wintec widths v's Albion widths


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Jun 20, 2005
Wilts & Glos
Does anyone know how the width sizes of wintecs compare with the width sizes of Albion saddles.

I currently have a wintec dressage saddle which has a medium wide gullet, but am now looking to replace it with a second-hand leather saddle as the shape of it resctricts her big shoulder movement. I tried a few of my instructors saddles which were a medium, and she felt my mare would need a wide - I didn't question this at the time as I did think my wintec had a wide gullet in it, but when I checked it was only a medium wide (and I also have a wintec GP and that also is a medium wide gullet).

Out of my instructor saddles I really felt comfortable in the Albion (SL & SLK), so am looking for this in black in a 17.5inch, but struggling to find a wide. Could a medium wide be adjusted by a saddler? None of my local saddlers have any either in M/W, or W for me to try, and I spoke to SaddlesDirect and all the suitable saddles on there to try have a huge waiting list.

So am thinking of looking privately for this, but obviously would have to buy it outright and wouldn't be able to try. I don't want to opt for M/W if its too tight.
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