Wish me luck!!


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Jul 16, 2003
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I somehow ended up saying 'sounds like a great idea!' when offered to be taken clear round J.U.M.P.I.N.G tomorrow :cold:

as you know I don't really 'do' jumping and have a rather morbid fear of it! last time I attempted a clear round angel and I fell over!

its only a little local, informal thing and i am reassured they go 'as low as you want' (hoping this is jumping not limbo!) so err 1ft crosspoles it is then!

Also bringing Appleh's personal jump-jockey (eg a small fearless teen who jumped her a few times in the summer!) just in case I chicken out last minute.

Will report back (hopefully NOT from a&e!!!) tomorrow night!!



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Feb 20, 2000
Dorset, UK
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You will not chicken out. You will not chicken out. You will not chicken out... You'll do a round at 1 ft, then you'll feel so chuffed you'll do another a bit higher. Then you'll let your jockey have a go ... And I hope you're taking a photographer too.

Good luck. Have fun:biggrin:


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Jul 16, 2003
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woop!!! we did it :dance:

my friend/RI bod set up a tiny course especially for us (please, nobody laugh, it was mostly around 1ft 'tall', aherm ....) and off we went :D I actually had fun doing jumpies (*whispers*)!

excuse my somewhat rigid/tense position and long stirrups, working on that!

Look at my poneh go!! first time she's ever done anything like it, blesh her!! red box? no probs! white box? no probs? hilarious fillers - no worries for appley :D she even jumped a blo**y water tray wth her little jockey afterwards without giving it a second thought!! so so proud of my little ponio :wub:



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Aug 22, 2007
Yay!!! Go you!

I can totally empathise with you on the worries of jumping, but look at you guys go!

Hope you're super chuffed :biggrin:


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Feb 8, 2012
She has the cutest jump! Well done for doing it, looks like you had fun


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Jul 16, 2003
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thanks everyone :)

question though - how on earth do people remember courses?! my friend had to get in the arena with us to direct me! i walked the 'course' but could not remember ANY of it :cold:


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Oct 28, 2004
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Well done :dance: Thought you were just going to do tiny crosspoles? - cos that red thing looks rather un-crosspole-like to me :tongue: Hope there are some more pics? Pony's front legs in that pic are super tidy, if she jumps like that all the time then she has serious potential! Unfortunately you have now buggered it for yourself cos after this you have no excuse not to do it again ;)

For the course-walking, it's mostly just a case of practise makes perfect. You find the way that's best for you personally to remember - everyone has a different way of doing it. I need to walk it at least twice (even 3 times if it's got some turns I think I'll forget!) and then sort of draw it out in the air with my finger a few times. Sometimes I also remember details like the colour of the jump, but generally the finger-waving works well enough. TBH you probably struggled to remember it because you were nervous, I think that's pretty normal!


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Mar 23, 2012
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No me! I want to go next lol:smile:

Well done PN. I am a show jumping scaredy. "And course? what course?" as everyone on the side line shouts at me.

Funny thing though I love cross country, still only mini ones, 2' max although banks, drops and water don't phase me at all....weird.
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