XXL boots for chunky cob with loads of feathers?


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Aug 10, 2006
Anyone know of any decent tendon boots for jumping for a very heavyweight cob with stack loads of feathers- i don't like to jump him especially cross country without protective boots!

Problem is he is only 15hh with fairly short legs and any XL size boots are way too long for him- any smaller boots just do not fit around his legs! Thought i had cracked it with some XL equilibrium ones as he fits into the training wraps quite well but sadly since he and his feathers have grown the velcro just about reaches the other side which isn't ideal as it then falls off halfway round a course!

Any ideas?


New Member
Oct 29, 2007
Someone I know had some Woof Wear boots for their cob with huge legs - i don't know if they were specially made or if they do them off the peg - may be worth getting in touch with them?

I used to have some for my old cob which had thick long elastic inserts between the boot and the velcro, but I haven't seen any like them for a few years - they were fab and fit anything.
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