Your 2009 in words...


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Jun 27, 2007
Somewhere over the rainbow...
Thought it would be nice to reflect :D

What a year…

Started the year off with a lot of ‘what have I done?’ thoughts about 2008. Felt awfully guilty about it all and shed a lot of tears over how I felt and how guilty I felt for even thinking about parting company with Alfie. I think it was the getting back in the saddle that threw me. I was really enjoying my lessons and for the first time in a long long time I was able to work on my confidence and actually enjoy being in the saddle and my lack of patience to have my own ridden horse so I had to make the hard decision to sell little Alfie. I put it through my YO and good friend and various other good friends about what I should do¡K The decision was made easier when I first met Holly.. She arrived at the yard on January 21st 2009 along with a young cob gelding whom my YO hoped he would help me decide on parting with Alfie.. Little did she know it was Holly (then called Monica) who caught my attention¡K Alfie was advertised on horsemart that Saturday and sold early on Sunday afternoon he went to his new home on the Tuesday evening! I still miss him lots but I am glad I made the decision that I did cause I would never have my little Holly¡K

January 27th - April 30th
I spent the above period grooming and bonding with Holly, taking her little walks, pulling her mane etc¡K While I was still having my weekly lessons at Wester Deanhead working on my position, confidence and balance to ensure I was ready to get on Holly when the time was right.

May 1st - May 13th
Got on Holly for the first time It was a huge mix of emotions as I really didn’t know what to expect but I feel the time we spent bonding and on the ground really helped as we both managed to remain relaxed throughout the 10minute session around the yard. This followed with similar sessions over the next couple of weeks introducing some trot work and a few short sessions in the indoor school.

May 14th the now...
Big milestone in 2009 as this was the day that I officially bought Holly. My dreams came true I had what I believed and still do believe to be my perfect partner in Holly! Things certainly haven¡¦t been smooth over the past 7 months but the good times have far outdone the bad times! She is a stubborn, opinionated, intelligent, and timply stunning little princess¡K Although she can be pretty naughty when she is having a nappy day I feel totally at ease on her and feel confident that we can work our way through it with the help of my amazing trainer Karen. Ridden wise the biggest lesson I have learned this year is about balance and developing a secure independent seat and how to enjoy riding again! A newly backed youngster and an experienced but lacking confidence rider aren¡¦t the textbook combination but I feel that between Holly and myself we have proved the majority wrong! I have a well (most of the time) balanced youngster who has been described as a pleasure to ride and handle by everything who has met and ridden her. I am very proud of my little princess and I am looking forward to our future in dressage and working hunter! I definitely made the right decision and I am glad I didn't listen to those ever so helpful people who have never met me personally yet seem to know exactly what is best for me!


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Oct 11, 2003
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My sum up of 2009 was start of the year trying to tame Odin and thinking what have I done and still being heartbroken over Loki.Also saw me buy another tb who turned out to be completely incompatible. spring 2009 saw Odin come round and become a star and him then progress to doing demos and his first show in the summer. It also saw tons of work with Joey and saw Joey seeing several specialists for his back etc. Autumn 2009 saw lots of rescues coming my way and working with them, it also Saw Misty come my way. Winter 2009 has seen Joey turn another corner and start to trust more aswell as get all clear for returning to work. It will also see my 3 moving to their new yard in the next couple of days meaning the 2 big 'uns can return to work and Odin can begin some basic training and go for walks in hand etc. Really looking forward to 2010 2009 I haven't achieved much of what i wanted to but I did get Odin to his first show so we achieved 1 thing:D


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Jul 14, 2007
I have had a good year really Horse wise.

Moved Yards in June so that Sioned, my Welshie X Trad, could Winter out and then in July bought Egbert so that she would have company:) He has been the typical character Shetlands are known for lol and has provided me with lots of 'moments' lol, from cussing to PMSL:p

Haven't done anything like as much as I had planned to do with either of
them due to the horrendous weather we had but they have been quite
happy and I have enjoyed looking after them both and continuing to instill
manners etc. ready for next year and hopefully backing of the pair of them.

Have come to the conclusion that Sioned is not going to make quite the
size I had hoped but thats not a problem as she will be more than adequate
to carry me. Bertie though on the other hand has provided me with a bit
of a shock this week. I bought him a T/O Rug back in the Summer, just in case, lol and was really really pleased with the fit, anyway, tried it on him the other day and it went nowhere near him:eek:

Boy has he grown, I appreciate he has the coat of a wooly mammoth lol
but I suppose seeing them everyday you just don't realise. Rug is now
for sell on E Bay:p

SO looking forward to 2010;)

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Jul 13, 2009
Lincolnshire,wheres the hills?
Met my new partner after 6 years on my own raising my 3 kids alone.

Moved to a new area :eek:

Started riding again (weekly lessons) and had my first canter at 43, which was me facing my fears at long last :)

Got faye and have fun riding her,but had to cut some of my plans out as she isn't very good on the roads so hacking is out but still enjoy riding her.

Sweep came back to live with us from her loan home. and mostly well behaved she know just when to create havoc at the yard:rolleyes:

Got my own yard and spent the Autumn sorting things out for Winter,love having my own place as i can keep the horses as i want to without yard politics and bitching :D

My little Welsh cob foals joined our herd in Nov and i have loved working with them and watching them grow in confidence every day and my OH is learning with them too.He has a real bond with our colt.

Managed with the help of the internet to trace my much missed first pony who i had to sell when my previous relationship broke down and i am pleased to be in contact with her new owners and get to hear about all the fun and success she has with them :D:D:D

All in all a brilliant year this year and i hope it continues into the next :)


2009 has been a very mixed year here, both horses have had long spells of unsoundness. We did all manage to do a sponsored ride together, something that had long been on my tick list, and Tess's work in our lessons has been as good as I've ever had it. I have had to give up jumping her though, and it looks like the same will go for Rio too, assuming she's able to come back in to full work.

I also went back to shoeing for the spring and summer with both horses, and it's a something I plan to continue with from now on. Best of all though, I managed to cadge another stable at the yard so my girls have one each now, worth every penny, especially in bad weather :)


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Jul 22, 2009
Overtown, Lanarkshire
In January we were getting used to the idea that the yard I was on was no longer viable. Looked round various yards, & decided on one nearby. However Tyler decided he didnt fancy moving & cut the top of his heel open damaging veins & artery. No tendon damage but lots of pressure dressings.

March & we were on the mend & moving. We were there 3 weeks & moved due to problems, but found a yard 2 mins from my house & perfect for us.

Grass livery for the first time & T loved it.

Lost a few friends, but gained loan horse in the shape of apollo, 1.5 yr old Welsh Sec D.

Stopped the loan as he required more time than i could givehim.

Bought my first trailer at the beginning of December. Looking forward to great new year!!



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2009 for me ment getting my boy. After 9 horseless years I bought Sonny my 17hh IDxTB. He is perfect!

I feel very lucky to have found him. After saying I wouldn't buy the first horse I looked at, thats exactly what I did! But hey it was ment to be.:D

Looking forward to 2010!:D


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Dec 16, 2004
2009 was pretty memorable as we backed the baby! it is the best feeling in the world seeing the horse you got as a baby, loved, pampered and trained going so well under saddle. i'm hugely proud of my wee kez.


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Jul 18, 2005
North west

I started off the year continuing to ride at local RS. I found a pony I really enjoyed riding, very green, fast young lady (5), who had never jumped and was unbalanced. Rode her every week and the changes were brilliant. I thought about how much I was spending on lessons, and decided I could afford a share/part loan so advertised in April ish.

The advert went on preloved on the Saturday night, Sunday morning I had a phone call saying that they didnt want any money, but that they were unable to do anything with said pony due to bad behaviour and novice rider/handler. They wanted her ridden in exchange for nothing - not even stable chores, to manage her weight and keep her busy.

By Monday night I had taken out insurance on Silver! I spent a few weeks learning her "quirks" - not thinking too much about them if Im honest, working on what I had always known - routine builds good mannered horses. It, Im ashamed to say, took me about a month to realise the blatently obvious. Her saddle didnt fit. So we began our quest to find a saddle. Interestingly her behaviour changed at that point. I realised she wasnt just bad mannered, she was screaming out for help.

We have had a lot of lows, but the highs always make up for it - her turning away from me after I went on holiday for two weeks in the summer (sulking, but I knew it meant she had noticed me not being there!), the first time she rested her head on me and dozed in my arms, the first time she came to call, how she rushes to her stable door if she hears my voice.

We now, 9months on, have a saddle she is finally happy with, she has been microchipped and had her teeth done, her weight is managed, we are riding out more, she is shod regularily, she is more affectionate and is starting to trust me more. Her manners have improved vastly, and we are building a relationship now together.

We moved yards in November, and she is much more content on a quieter yard, despite less turnout and less companionship.

I spent up until about September saying that she wasnt my ideal pony, size wise, behaviour wise etc, but that I couldnt let her go because I didnt want her to go through any more suffering that she has clearly had in the past. That has totally changed. Im now madly "in" love with her, I miss her terribley when I dont see her, and worry endlessly about how she is. I luff my baby girl!
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