Your ultimate horsey highlight of 2014 In a pic


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Mar 2, 2006

Basically we have overcome my nerves and got out doing loads of jumping this year. It's been a really fabulous horsey year for me and Moët. It's been all I could ever wish for :)

This pic was at an arena eventing comp a few weeks ago where we came 4th.


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Nov 16, 2009

The horse that was so dangerous that he should be shot, who would never be able to be broken under saddle, never go anywhere near traffic after being in 2 car accidents at a competition he hacked too, being ridden by the girl who ended up im a wheelchair after an accident which caused her to break her back and was told she would never ever sit on a horse again ...

I have this photo on a huge canvas on the wall. It may not be the biggest jump in the world but it means so much that this moment was captured. We won a trophy that day too!!

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Jul 13, 2009
Lincolnshire,wheres the hills?
The highlight of my year was learning to hack solo on the main road.... it has opened up a whole new world of adventures for me and made me some wonderful new friends :D Mz Eva Diva is such a good hacking pony as well as being a fabulous show pony.

This is us both Hi Vized up ready to hack out .

I so trust this little mare, she has taught me so much and is an amazing pony to have around...



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Jul 31, 2005
Best pic for Albi was the day of the in-house show. It had been a sh!tty week as my daughter's relationship had just fallen apart and I was very sad. He won every class we entered (except the clear round.... when he decided his personal challenge was to knock as many down as possible!) He won me the adult championship for the day.... and 48 hours before I wasn't even going to bother entering.....

Best pic for Joey was just before he left home here when he'd been on half-loan to the employers. We had the most gallopy fun in the front field.....

Best pic for Boo was him waiting to be collected to go off to North Wales for a two-month holiday whilst we moved yards and got Jack and Albi settled....

Best pic for Jack is just Dom having a bimble around the 15-acre field on a lovely July evening whilst I snapped away with the camera....



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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
Meant so much to me being able to leave them both out all night - meant Storm was nowhere near as stiff and it was just so good to know they were wandering and free ranging all night! Two happy girls doing what they were meant to do instead of being stuck in at night - for me it broke the habit of a horse owner lifetime. Lets hope it can continue!


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
After a rough time getting her cushings under control Jess came into her own, we rode hundreds of training miles and rode from home to the coast (75 miles) on the ride of my life so far raising money for The Brooke, and our relationship evolved for the better :D


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Apr 23, 2009
This is a great thread, I'm loving these pics. That beach pic is a classic HorseHelen, I would have that on my wall.

I didn't know which to choose - this is the best pic I think, partly because Raf is so clean! Somerford Park training camp, what a fantastic experience

But this one brings back really happy memories, although probably not very impressive for anyone else to look at - it was an endurance pleasure ride in Lancashire. Me and Raf were on our own, the route was fairly challenging - very varied with some stony tracks and much bigger hills than we're used to - but the views were amazing and being out on the moors on our own was just out of this world.



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Aug 8, 2004
I don't have anything as exciting as you lot. But I had really good fun with Flicks at my little yard show. I am prouder of our introA test but don't have pics of that. Here we are coming second in best turned out. And actually I think I had most fun giving her a bath in the sun the day before! flicka and me at show.jpg


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May 18, 2009
All your photo's and achievements are amazing and it's so nice to be able to share it all. I don't have any horsey achievements of 2014 as it has been a really crap year for us health wise (Belle or myself) but am looking forward to hopefully achieving something this year. All I do know is that I continue to adore my little, gentle, funny girl and cherish the time I have had so far with her. :)


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Aug 8, 2004
All I do know is that I continue to adore my little, gentle, funny girl and cherish the time I have had so far with her. :)
That is a lovely post Kite_Rider. Wish you both better health in 2015!
Think is a really nice thread. Well done to OP for starting it!
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