23 days to do and not sure I still have a horse...


With out my boys life would be bland
Apr 16, 2009
yeap 23 days left and lots of stories from home.

I have tried to reply to loads of threads but I type the message and as I hit send I run out of time arggg so just about reading some every couple of days.

OH has been cantering up the large field with Chanter and my best mate. gutted but very proud. he has also managed to break my stuudun bridle. he left it on my boy in the stable while he went for a wee. Chanter rubbed his face and broke it. I wanted to be really mad but how can I be. I told him never, never leave him loose in the box tacked up. He saids he had been doing it sincde I have been away. I wanted to scream at him but I know never get made when you are here as I never know when I will be lucky enough to talk to him again. he has said he will replace it.

Oh has been out making friends with others on the yard and been out riding with some of the women. really not sure if I will be getting me boy back.

Arya has settled in really well and has stopped using the house as a toilet.

Can't wait to get home and see her and go back to seeing my boy twice a day. have to say I am not missing the rain or really early morning but would rather be there than here.


Minnie, Sam and Dolly
May 30, 2002
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We would rather you were here than there too OBC, hope the time flies and safely.

Maybe another horse will be on tbe cards when you get back too, sounds like he has done a good job, apart from the bridle. Make sure the replacement is nice and expensive:happy:


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Jan 15, 2010
Not long until you are home! :skip:

Sounds like OH is having a ball with Chanter. I would be annoyed about bridle too and I know that you left very expilicit instructions which no doubt covered leaving him tacked up in his box. However, your boy is safe and sound and your OH has done a great job. It's difficult to stay angry.

Wishing you the speediest 23 days ever :biggrin::biggrin:


Jane&Sid these days!
Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Oh OBC, I was thinking about you today and hoping all was well!

I know it was a Stubben, but if that's all that's gone wrong while you have been away I call it pretty good.

Good luck with wresting your horse back from your OH. I'm not sure which one I'd be fighting for in your position! :giggle:

Not long now.
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