A little update from us...


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Nov 11, 2018
I hope you're right, and some warmer, drier weather works some magic.
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Apr 25, 2003
I rode Bud today, for the first time without his hoof boots as they wouldn't go on today so took him a gentle stroll on tarmac no stones. He managed fine, it was the first time he has been ridden without hoof boots since his x rays. He is on danilon twice a week, he is sound. IF you did a trot flexion test I bet he would be lame but he is happy going out, it keeps his top line, it keeps him fit. He is not as bad as Ben but he has a degenerative diagnosis. He hasn't seen his xrays which are shite. And as his vet says best to keep him in work, keep him fit, keep his weight good and keep him supple. The only major change I have made is that he is no longer stabled, he is out 24.7 during the day in the field and at night on the yard, so he can keep moving and not be stiff. when the day comes that he really can't be ridden he won't be but while he is happy to do it and enjoys it, I see no harm in it. I am ultra careful where I take him, what the camber is, what might make him feel sore. But at the moment he isn't telling me that he doesn't want to. Unlike Aimee donkey who I suggested might like to go out in the field given it is quite nice today and I was told very clearly to b off.
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