A message from horse trust, please read


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Apr 12, 2007
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sorry i wasn't on line over the weekend to wish you well on saturday, hope everything went ok. Can't believe you've lost your job :eek: was that from the same place that donated the cctv system? Really hope you are able to get some rest now. YOU ARE A STAR!!! hugs xx


After Amersherm i decided to not have anything thing to do with operation Esther this was for various reasons, how ever due to the plight of the devon sanctuary ive now contacted them and with their help we shall be doing what we can.

so .... take 2, lets help these people.



seeing as its been mentioned, i thought i may aswell keep this thread alive, as i often know whats happening as it does so to speak. so the couurt case, heres a couple of links....



the referance of jg asking for some of the horses to be returned relates to a filly and a colt, the colt is the tb, that he was originally in court for over the assult charges, its very well breed and worth a fair bit. no it hadnt been starved ect.

i have nothing to do with any of the charites barring the horse trust, if any body wants any information about them then please pm me,.



guys, ive said before, this was going to happen. ive know for a while it was, like you all im sickened to the core, im speechless, to me its like all my efforts were to get the horses fat for the return to him. BUT

theres still more to come, the animal welfare act in this country is ****e, if it was a human life it would be so different, what can we do?? short term nothing, us mortals that care have no say, but long term by signing petitions, by carrying on fighting, we can change the act, it may take years, but we have to go on


All the charities involved are now being coordinated by the National Equine Welfare Council


A petition is being set up on a new website, specifically for this appeal against the judge's decsion. The petition will be live by tomorrow. Keep checking the NEWC website for the link and of course it will be provided on this forum as well.

London Tonight and ITN News at Ten have both filmed reports at the Horse Trust today. Look out for them on TV tonight.

The Sun newspaper is running an article Tuesday. The HT are also in contact with the Daily Mail.


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Apr 23, 2008
Every year, hundreds and thousands of horses are killed and their meat is sold, mostly in Europe and Asia. Obviously this is a major issue that most people would prefer not even to think about it.
When a horse grows older, the person who owns the horse feels that it is no longer useful since it has reached its age and cannot work anymore. Thus, the horse ends up at the local shed. But there are some chances where this horse will be sold to the killer market with out the presence of the horse owner. The owner often prefers to ignore this, as they believe that the horse will be sent to a good home or agency.
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