A visit to Dragon Farm Girl!


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Sep 27, 2007
North Staff's
went to help DFG move her herd of 3 yesterday.
must say it was a big deal for me as i've nopt been driving long and never drive anywhere unfamiliar, or on my own. i can just about get to work on the odd day i get the car for the day (about once a month!). so for me to drive J15 - J19 of the M6 to somewhere unknown, on my own, was a pretty big deal & i'm pretty darned chuffed i made that breakthrough! :dance: thanks to DFG for the opportunity of getting my arse into gear & doing something that i wouldnt normally do.

anyway. horses travelled lovely and they are all so calm & relaxed. i was very envious of Sylvie's temperament - she's the total opposite of xander! she's not spooky or bolshy or anything :unsure: a very lovely girl.

so stay with me - i think you can only put 5 pics on each post, so there will be about 5 posts to fit them all on :redcarded:

and i also apologise for fixating on one horse in particular (i wonder why...) :yellowcarded:


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Sep 27, 2007
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Meet Kessa the Arab, Daisy the Halfinger & Sylvie the Friesian!


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Sep 27, 2007
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DFG doesnt post many pics herself so i thought i'd make up for it ;D


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Jun 12, 2009
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What lovley neddies you have DFG! :inlove:

I cant believe how much youre little foaly has grown up :eek:

And well done Tazzyanne, im a total wimp driving anywhere 'unknown' on my own so i can totally relate to how much of a big deal it is! Good on you! :biggrin:
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