Advice with keeping your heels down??

Jun 12, 2019
I have no other issues with riding, I can do anything my instructor asks, but she’s always reprimanding me for not keeping my heels down! I know its one of the most important things incase you fall as well as other reasons but I just cant seem to do it! I’ve been riding for six years but I still end up with either flat feet or pointed toes and its super aggravating! I really dont have the ability to focus soley on that since oftentimes we have 4-6 horses trotting or cantering together in a small arena, and a lot of the horses are space sensitive so I always have to put all my focus in steering and not getting me or my horse kicked! Any tips?


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Jan 6, 2006
Get some private lessons, possibly with a different teacher at another school. If you still struggle with this after six years then the chances are you need to go back to some of the basics with your position, and if the basics aren't right you'll always struggle to progress.
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Heels should be level - not forced down as you see some riders do - if your instructor wants them forced down then they are wrong!

Make sure you are not gripping with your knees and gently drape your legs round the horse and your heels should stay level - lifting the heels is what happens if you tense up, so relax!
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Mar 15, 2008
Agreed private lessons.
Or another school. If I have an issue that nobody including myself can work on, I do something about it.
If your focus ina lesson is not getting kicked it's too crowded and unsafe.
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