Albion - diary of a hairy coblet


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Jul 31, 2005
Albi was collected on Sunday 30th May 2010 (a week ago today)

He had been owned for 6m and bought from Henley market as a manky looking foal...


Thankfully, she saw his potential and a winter of TLC, grass and hay had him grown to this...




I went to meet him a fortnight before collection and waiting to get him was a VERY long wait!! He loaded with absolutely no hesitation and travelled really well for the hour back to our yard. Unloaded and met Roo and was a really cool cucumber. Roo was so excited...


I left them both in for a couple of hours to "make their acquaintances" over the stable door. Then they got turned out into adjacent paddocks but couldn't leave each other alone over the fence so after about five minutes I opened the gate and the games commenced...

For the first couple of nights I separated them, so that they got some time to chill on their own and also for Albi to not get too attached as I want him to be OK to be left on his own.

On Monday I brought Albi in, tied him up, groomed and fussed him and gave him a small feed... a routine that I intend to do every day for him. Tried to get near his feet but couldn't get further down his legs than his knees so we have some work to do there.

On Tuesday, my yardmate witnessed Roo turn on Albi... he charged him, ears flat back and cornered him. In a panic, Albi tried to jump the post and rail fence and crashed through the top bar!! On reflection, this is MOST unlike Roo so all I can think is that Albi was a REAL nuisance so Roo had no alternative but to give him what for. So I decided to keep them separated when I'm not there and allow them in together when I can keep an eye on behaviour - to start with. Albi has been with 2 x rising 3yo hairies for the past 6 months so he's not really been taught manners by an adult... which may also explain Roo's extreme behaviour. Roo is generally a really gentle horse and gets bullied himself because he opts for the quiet life so you can understand my shock!

On Wednesday the vet came out to give Albi his first vaccination. He jumped a bit when the needle went in but otherwise was a good little chap. Discussed having him gelded with the vet who said he could come back on the Thursday morning.

On Thursday Albi was gelded. 'nuff said!!

Because he needs to stay calm, Albi remains in the paddock alongside Roo whilst he heals. They can touch and scritch over the fence but can't hoon around together. Once he's over the first 10 days, I will start letting them spend short times together.

Albi is a really friendly little man in the field. If he sees you he comes straight over for kisses and cuddles and clearly bears me no malice from putting through that nasty op on Thursday.

So that's his diary so far....


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Mar 14, 2009
On a farm
Hes very cute, i will look out for more of his diary as he progresses with you :D Im sure hes very thankful that you have got him and he has a nice home now ;)
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