and the solo hacking gets longer again!! *pics as usual!*


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Mar 2, 2006
i am working nights this week, which means plenty of daylight hours for riding - what with the weather being gorgeous too...i planned a longer route!

It was 9 miles today, we took it slow because it was hot and also about 40% of it was going to be on the lanes so we mostly walked that bit!

and to show how brave i am lately - i included a new route which i have never ever taken Moet down - taking us down to another village and then back up a new bridleway! *check me out!*

It was fab! Moet was Fab!

New bridleway (it was beautiful, little brook with wooden bridge to cross over - which Moet did first time i must add! lol!)


Up the main Bridleway saying Hello to a new character on the Bridleway - Moet liked him!


on a mission to the top of our local mini hill!


At the top of the hill:


crossing the other half of the hill:


through the ford towards home:


the last field before home (home is by the white houses!)


i am loving this solo hacking lark! cant believe how much it used to terrify me - and now we are pros even exploring too!


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Mar 2, 2006
Yeh you do! I can take you on shorter routes to start ;) I have got a 4x4 and passed my test...I can come get u! Let's aim for nearer Easter - so that I can do some more practicing before being responsible for someone elses horse!
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