Anyone riding in this yuk weather

Hogan is inevitably wet in the morning, so atm it's walking out. Hope to get a ride at some point this week.
I'm a fair weather rider. I can cope with wind etc but I don't go out in rain - the main reason is that I don't like getting wet, but Harvey can be spooky with cars swishing through puddles too.
I don't ride in the rain either but that's because she's already soaked and I don't have anywhere undercover.
I do other things if it's not dangerous conditions.
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Same here, but its not that bad - yet.

Same here. I've rugged up well and turned but, but a lot seem to be staying in today, If it starts getting bad I'll bring him in early, but when I left h was on the side of the hill happily grazing.

It feels a lot cooler today, and the leaves are falling like mad.