Best fly rug for hot horse?



im looking for recommendations for the best combo fly rug for warmer days for my horse who gets quite warm easily?
I tried him in the shires sweet itch combo rug as that's the rug I already had, and wasn't surprised when even in 18+ degree sunshine he begins to get warm and sweaty. The shires rug is quite thick so it didn't surprise me.
Does anyone have any good fly rugs which are really good to keep cool too? I appreciate on really hot summer days leaving fly rugs off might be necessary but don't want to avoid using one altogether if possible. Ps the rug would have to be good for broad wide horses!
I have 3 fly rugs for Jess currently, the shires sweet itch combo which I agree is thick/heavy and she gets hot in it on really hot days, she's ok up until about mid 20's as long as there's a breeze. I also have a weatherbeeta ripshield plus, it fits great, is thicker/stiffer fabric but still very airy and doesn't soak up water so doesn't get heavy when it rains but it rubs the top of her withers (I still need to add some soft fabric there so it won't anymore). For really hot days I have an old Masta zing combo, its soft and a slightly more knitted material so lots of airflow and does soak up water which is good on really hot days as I can soak her down in it and it keeps her cool for hours :)
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I only have a standard Shires one for Chloe the cob. It does seem to fit her well (she is wide!). It's light and stretchy fitting too.
I have been through a number of fly rugs.... Masta avante are poorly made and fit my chunky pony very badly! Also very hot as a dull grey colour. The mark Todd combo is hard wearing and fits well but again can be hot. The jumpers combo is nice thin, light mesh and has kept my mare cool but it's not a great fit on chunky ponies. I've a 6ft3 on my 14hh HiPo and it looks like a mini skirt!! By far the best has been the amigo mio bug rug. Generous fit, well made, not too many fiddly fastenings and the metallic gold colour keeps my boy nice and cool. It's on a chunk of a Welsh D and is very generously sized.
We had a Rambo fly rug which was pretty good, and a Snuggyhoods which I thought would make her really hot but wasn't too bad, for our Welsh Cob girl.
I've got a mesh type one on chunky. Which breathes better. But riped easier. It does still keep the flies off. I've got a shires one on billy. Whilst he does get hot it does seem to be better to have one on to protect from the horse flies and now the buzzy house flies. In the very hot weather I took them off and dunked them in a bucket of water, hosed the boys off and then put the rugs back on soaking wet. It definitely kept them cooler for a while.