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Oct 6, 2015
i got the book riding fear free and have been reading and looking at the suggestions. I want to ride because i have been riding 11 years and i want to bond with my daughter/granddaughter. I have fear of getting hurt and it holds me back in riding. I am going to a lesson today and it gives me anxiety. I rode by myself on sunday and i did feel comfortable. The book recommends writing in a journal which i got and i will do. My ultimate goal is to be confident. I would love to look forward to a peaceful ride and enjoy every aspect. The book recommends not to go any place that causes fear and to work towards lessening anxiety. I have anxiety in other aspects of my life also as i am that kind of person so it does carry forward.


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Jan 6, 2006
Can I offer a few tips? If you don't want them then don't read on, I won't be offended (or even know!) :)

If you don't get on a horse & get a bad feel from him then ask to change. The horse may be well within your abilities but sometimes there's something you can't describe that just doesn't click & if you're already nervous you don't need the extra worry. If you explain your problem then your RI should understand, if she doesn't then maybe change her as well as the horse!

Focus on the positive, not the negative. Inbetween rides play back all the times you've enjoyed riding, times you've felt safe & in control & do the same just before you get on. Picture yourself riding well with a smile on your face & a relaxed posture. Don't focus on things that went wrong or you'll just get more anxious that they'll happen again - learn from them in your lesson & then move on.

If your RI asks you to o something you feel uncomfortable with don't be afraid to say no. Over a period of time with good experiences you'll eventually decide to do those things, or if you don't it's because they aren't things that matter to you. Remember you ride for your own pleasure, not your RI's ego.

Learn how to look for positive things, no situation is so bad you cant take something positive from it. A horse played up & worried you? Yes you could keep looking at it an increase in your mind how bad his behaviour was & how worried you were OR you could say he was a cheeky oik but you stayed on, rode through it safely & got him to do what you wanted & if I can deal with that how much more can I do? I'd often feel my most confident after the shit had hit the fan & I realised I could cope, and I'm sure I'm not alone in that.

I hope you can work through your worries x


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Oct 14, 2010
I've got a similar sounding e-book which is NLP based and it sounds from your post as though doing the journal will help to make you feel that you are taking specific steps to grow in your riding. I absolutely agree with what Carthorse says though, it is vitally important to focus on all the positive things and to visualise a positive outcome ie yu ridng the way that you want to and to believe that it will happen.
That aside, I had a super lesson this week and I went with zero plan or expectation, just to get on, follow instruction and go with the flow. It is very odd how the brain works!
Realistically your RI is unlikely to ask you to do something that you can't handle, so if she thinks you can do it...I'm guessing you can...
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