Discovered an amazing shop today!


Apr 28, 2013
Bicester, Oxfordshire
I visited this amazing shop called Two Times Tack near Thame.

OMG it is such an amazing shop and so well priced.

The people were very friendly and helpful and knowledgeable.

So I am now the owner of a Airowear Outlyne body protector and some lovely chaps :) Oooh cant forget a Just Togs top.

Anyone who is ever passing should pop in there. Tons of bargains :)


Well-Known Member
Jul 31, 2008
I was there on Friday!! Only went to buy a lunge line and ended up spending an hour there chatting as usual!! The owners are lovely and will do you a good deal if you buy a lot of stuff there. It's only 15 min from my yard :)
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