dry skin?


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Jul 20, 2008

One of the horses has dry flakey skin? pretty much all over his body. What could this be? if there anything i could put on it or add to his diet?? it doesnt bother him by any means!??

know this should go into the health section but more people look and reply here!



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Sep 1, 2008
My mare has a similar condition.. I've just started putting cider vinegar into her feed, and am considering adding linseed oil too (before I try the pricier NAF concoctions) to see if it makes a difference, as I figure it could just be a a mineral deficiency, or just her skin type. Another suggestion from someone was to use mouthwash (this was specifically for the tail and dock). I suppose the mildly alkaline solution helps clear up any minor bacteria and soothes the skin at the same time (you dilute it 1 part Listerine to 4 parts water and leave it on affected area for a few days, then rinse out gently) - sounds a bit bonkers, and I haven't tried it yet but nothing ventured, nothing gained... ;)
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