Experiences of loaning from a RS


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Feb 19, 2008
Just wondered if any one has any experiences of loaning a horse/pony from a RS???

Good and bad :)


Woody's Mum
Mar 31, 2005
I did but my loan horse wasn't used for lessons - was bought as a driving horse (she's a Hackney) but was scared off the carriage :rolleyes: She was a bit nutty for lessons but they kept her anyway :) I didn't really have too many issues, lots of kids about so always loud (I was only 14 but I've always been mature :p) My friends' horses were in lessons though, and I know a lot of them hated seeing the RS riders pulling them about and stuff. It can be difficult to be working on something for weeks and then thinking it all could all be undone in a bad lesson.

If you like the RS and know how it works and stuff I think it can work quite well. Especially as with the agreement I had, we paid a fixed amount a month and didn't have to pay for bedding/feed/vet etc on top, no matter what, it was always that amount, so with the credit crunch etc, you never have to worry about horse getting injured and having to pay as it's a fixed monthly payment.
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