Full Livery - how much do you pay and what does it include?


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Jan 31, 2003
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I'm in Surrey and I pay £390 a month for 5-day livery- diy at weekends. That includes ad-lib hay, bedding and feed, Mon-Fri mucking out, turning out/bringing in, rug changing, hoof-picking. Includes use of sand school, trailer parking - and really great hacking.
I am responsible for care at weekends, with other liveries, which I enjoy :smile:


May 7, 2009
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70 p/wk

Includes turning out & bringing in over summer, mucking out & skipping out, all bedding, haylage, basic feed, holding for farrier/vet appointments plus use of all facilities such as arena etc.


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Dec 30, 2006
70 p/wk

Includes turning out & bringing in over summer, mucking out & skipping out, all bedding, haylage, basic feed, holding for farrier/vet appointments plus use of all facilities such as arena etc.

Bloody hell that's good. That's what I charge on my yard for grazing only! We don't have a school and are on an ex cattle farm so not really set up for horses.


May 7, 2009
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I know, I really fell on my feet. Lovely, helpful staff on hand if you ever need advice or a hand and all the liveries get on well.

Only downside is there is no turnout in winter so it's in-hand grazing for a few months - but my horse still seems genuinely relaxed and very happy in himself which says something about the management.

On my last yard he was a complete pig even with unlimited turnout!


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Oct 29, 2007
Brighton, East Sussex
Mine is £105 per week. It includes ad lib hay, feed, shavings, mucking & skipping out, bringing it/turning out also at funny times if needed. Holding for vet, osteo, farrier etc, rug changing, feet picking. Use of outdoor, indoor school, round pen and jumping field in the summer. Lorry parking is £5 extra. Great hacking on the Downs. Year round turnout.

I love my yard - the people are great. We have a summer camp, loads of clinic that we organise for all different disciplines. Everyone gets on well even though we have everything from dressage divas to yeehahs (I'm one of them!), a lady who does Western, jumpers.

Lobelia Overhill

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Oct 14, 2004
€100 per week

Literally is full livery, I don't have to do anything but ride (I groom him, cos no one grooms as well as I do LOL)! All feed, hay, bedding etc is provided, and he's turned out, mucked out, fed, hayed, watered, and exercised. Farrier is organised for me. They don't do teeth/back stuff, and I buy his wormers.

Use of indoor arena, set of showjumps, and a novice cross country course, transport to shows (chip in for diesel)


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Apr 23, 2009
I pay £60 per week, plus an extra £5 per week for keeping the trailer there. Includes shavings, ad-lib hay, 2 hard feeds of nuts/chop, turning out/bringing in, rug changing, use of school, tack room with a kettle & toilet. However, at weekends liveries are expected to do their own stables/poo pick, unless you've let the YO know in advance. It's a small yard though and very informal, so in practice we just tend to muck in and help out where we can.


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Apr 1, 2008
County Durham
Full livery on my yard is £70 a week, that includes daily turnout and bringing in, mucking out/hays/water etc. use of all facilities and ad-lib haylage and straw. No exercising or grooming just daily turnout.
It's £6 a day to have it as a one off :) So when I am at work I pay to have mine done for the day(s) :)


Mar 4, 2008
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I pay £80 a week for full livery. :biggrin:
this includes, muck out turn out,bring in, rug changes, feet picked, hay, grazing ,keep trailer for free- basically everything except riding- which I now have the time to do most days.:biggrin:
I choose to buy my own feed, but close to home, use of all facilities & only a small No of peeps on yard. :wink:
Have been there nearly 4yrs and dont intend moving. :smug:

I don't blame anyone for moving - if you & horsey are unhappy- its a dilemma if youre in that situation.

Hope that helps xx


Sep 16, 2007
Northern Ireland
Im not on full livery but yard i was at was £60 per week that included bedding, haylage, hard feed horse is totally looked after mucked out, turned out rugs on/off etc but not exercised (£80 inc exercising)

facilities included 2 large outdoors, big indoor, walker, 20 acre x country course, quiet hacking & near the beach :biggrin:

I didnt use full livery as i liked doing it all myself semi diy was £35 per week this included haylage, muck out and horse fed in the morning.
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