Gel pads


Hi all,

I have been advised to use a gel pad under my Wintec 2000 Cair, however, I've never used one and have no idea how to fit one or indeed how to use it correctly. Do other people out there use gel pads and how do they find them? From what I've read they can be a bit controversial.

Dash saw the chiropractor today and he reasurred me that Dash's back problem isn't caused by his saddle, but he did have some problem which required a whack from the hammer (absolutely amazing! you could see the muscles moving back into the right place and him becoming much more symmetrical). I just don't want to cause Dash any more pain. I am a heavier rider too which increases my concerns.

Any assistance most gratefuuly received.


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Mar 27, 2001
well, i'm one of the pro gel pad brigade! copper wears one - he has a spring tree saddle, which means the the tree flexes with him and isn't as rigid as a fixed tree saddle. the down side of this is that over time (copper is on working livery, so does a fair few hours with sometimes novice or unbalanced riders) the tree concentrates the weight of the rider in a smaller area. copper is a grumpy sod, and over the years i have experimented with saddles and pads - he is happiest in the spring tree and gel pad. the gel pad helps to even out the effects of the weight and redistribute it.
copper is not one to suffer in silence! if anyone forgets to put the gel pad on when tacking up, he lets us know in no uncertain terms. he pins his ears, swishes his tail, bites and generally makes his feelings very plain when the rider mounts. with gel pad in place, he stands like a rock.
i did have his saddle fitted with the pad though - it's thicker than a normal numnah, so this is something to check out when you get one. there are thin ones on the market as well, so try for one that is about the same thickness as what you use now. a thick pad under a well-fitting saddle is like wearing 3 pairs of socks under shoes that fit fine with just one.