Great weekend at last


With out my boys life would be bland
Apr 16, 2009
Chanter seems to have turned a corner he is not happy at being in but bright eyed and looks really well. All his cuts are clearing up and the scabs dropping off. The drain is out and the hole is nearly gone with no sign of infection (runs and touches wood) . He is holding his weight OK but on huge amounts of hard feed and as much hay as he can eat but he just does not eat it!!! nightmare horse he has never been a foodie. But he loves his treat ball and lick it boredom ball and is costing me a fortune in lick its but they make him happy.

He goes for a morning shower every day and a walk up to his field to see Ginger. I let him go outside the field so he can graze while I poo pick and then we walk back. In the evening he has a lovely groom and the same walk and graze. He is pleasure to have on box rest if a little vocal at times.

Ginger and I had dressage today . I know I did not warm him up correctly and then I messed up the prelim as my caller was no where to be seen and I panicked by OH arrived at the yard just as I was walking to the arena and I called at him to get a copy of the test and read for me now eck. :eek: So the first 4 moves where awful as I was not riding him at all then I pulled myself together to get a very respectable 68.75% and forth place.

I was a little intimidated in the warm up the horses was all huge WB with big paces and some of the riders where very proper and some rude I was not looking and moved just in time for a massive WB to blast past us all doing advanced moves I said sorry but she just glared at me anyway I completed a proper warm up just doing my fine so he was actually listening and ready when I enter the arena for the Novice.

He was lovely I made to blunders a very unbalance tx from canter to trot across the arena and he tripped in the halt :( gutted as when we looked at the scores the winner received 71.70% and came forth with 70.89% so he did amazingly well.

The boy can do no wrong he is ginger and amazing not a great picture but the boys chillin after a hard day.



Jane&Sid these days!
Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Love Ginger's plait hair! I'm glad you did so well, but I'm even happier to hear that Chanter is recovering. Best news I've heard all week.


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
Glad your old boy is mending. You and the Ginger man did well too. I'm sure there is no need for folk to glare and be rude, its not life and death is it!!! lol
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