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Feb 3, 2007
East Yorkshire
Well what a Interesting day we had!!
Had amazing support in another livery and her OH and my YO helping me get him ready, taking things to the show, supporting me, giving me re-assurance on this ginger ticking time bomb! I felt really bad as I was quite stressed but shall get to that. I lunged him before hand and he slightly over reached but it wasn't huge, typical sox!
Hacked to the show and we were going in 2 classes. Ridden gelding and ROR. Luckily there was a break when we got there so I took the chance to try to calm him. He was on fire! Very very forward going, charging around, wanting to canter and just generally very very excited! I was quite nervous he wouldn't be able to contain it and start bucking ( even though its purely excitement his bucks can still be very big and on the bounce!) My friend spoke to me a lot trying to get me to work him but he was doing everything at 100miles hour. I did get stressed and snapped at her :( It was more I know what he is like and in a grass area with only small posts and string I was worried he would just go right through, or no control. He looked lovely but just very full of it. I spoke to my YO who give me re-assurance and how she didn't want me to fall off and if need be if its too much dont enter or go in and see how he goes. He started to calm down and I was a little relief that there was only 4-5 in our class.

We entered. I wanted to be in the lead but I was second. We went into trot. He set of trotting getting closer to this horse . The judge asked for canter and sox saw the next horse in the corner canter. He went straight into canter, cutting of the corner completely and almost took out a girl acting as steward. Before continuing with a fast canter. Almost doing a banana shape. You could feel if I turned his head he felt like he was going to go and start bucking. So I kept quiet and asked him to go forward ( YO had said the more I try to hold him back the bigger he will get so to send him forward). We were asked to change the rein so I did. In canter! He wasn't strong as such I just couldn't bring him back to trot and didn't want him to explode in canter when I asked again. So we went back around, still cantering fast. Going down the short side. He was finally slowing down and doing a steady canter that I felt more in control of. At that moment a large bay over took us. So that sped him up again!! After that I felt enough was enough . I didn't want him to start bucking so I pulled him up and asked to leave that ring as he was just too excited and full of it. But I was very pleased we had done part of it and the judge was lovely about it.

There was meant to be four classes inbetween the two classes I was doing so I had a much required cigg, spoke to the YO about our round. The livery praised us. I left his saddle on but loosen his girth and took his bridle off and put a headcollar on. I made sure I took a longer leadrope so if he went up I would still have him. He was quite happy eating the grass. Next thing there merging the 4 classes into 2 as there was only... 4 in one class and 2 in the other. Next thing I am needing to tack him back up!! Luckily there was only us in the ROR. The judge asked about him and then said just to take my time, if I just wanted to walk and trot I could. He was still very very forward going and more him popping into canter rather then me asking but he did settle down and did some good work, working into the contact. Of course we got first but I thought it was really good experience for him and me. My friend asked if I was going in the ridden championship and I straight away said no. He had done very well and I was really pleased and wanted to leave it on a good note so we headed home.. Well more marched, jogged and trotted all the way home!!!

video-1559486188 (1)_Moment.jpg

Before the show.

Just setting off

Sox taking in the show after a 'fun' warm up.


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
Sounds like a good day all around, I think the choice to finish on a good note is always a hard one but good one, better to end there than push your luck and have it all go wrong :)
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Nov 11, 2018
Well done indeed. You both look extremely smart, and personally, I think you're VERY brave!
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Apr 25, 2003
well done, no shame in getting of the ring! and excellent that you then had a class of your own to have a proper practice. One of the reasons I show Buddy in hand only is that I am not sure my cantering in a ring would be up to it!