Halloween ride

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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
I had my Halloween ride organized for this weekend and had decided to take Hank before the issues with Jess' leg, just because it's been ages since he got to go out and about properly. We meet 3.5km from home, then go for a 90 minute ride back to the pub just round the corner from our meeting point.

Hank dawdled the first few hundred yards, but as soon as he realized we were going further he was just full of himself :) We struggled to agree on a pace initially, my walk was too fast for his, his jog too fast for my walk, so I ended up jogging half the way there with him :D Once he got over the initial excitement he settled into jogging ahead then waiting for me to catch up, good job I had a long lead rope but I should have put him on a dog flexi lead so I wasn't constantly winding it in and out :p
Once everyone else started to arrive he put on the old Hank charm :) he was a super star, happy to walk at the back or to be up front taking the lead, he was just ears pricked and having a gay old time :D


This is how he lead a lot of the ride, marching off in front of us all :D
We had a few break off and head home due to over excitable horses, but most of us made it :)
We did 11km-ish in all and we were both a bit slow by the time we got to the final stretch home. I felt a bit bad for Hank, I don't think Jess and Dan missed him at all, they didn't call to him as we left or returned :cool: I think they enjoyed a peaceful day without him :p